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Who Is My Wife Messaging on Facebook?

Who Is My Wife Messaging On Facebook

If you have gone obsessive and somewhat paranoid by unshakable thoughts that your wife is cheating on you with someone on her Facebook, this article is for you!

You can ruin your relationship with mere suspicion.

Breeding suspicion is wrong and can affect your relationship and your mental health.

The only thing you can do is first be sure whether what you suspect is legitimate.

You can use our guide to find out who or what your wife is messaging on Facebook.

Quick Answer

You can use monitoring apps that you need to install on your wife’s device. Monitoring sites will deploy all her mobile data, including her messages on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media, on a server accessible from your device.

Similarly, you can use keyloggers to figure out her password or whom she is talking to via keystrokes on her keyboard. Likewise, you can develop a phishing email or message to access her device and login information.

So, let’s find out whom your significant other is messaging on Facebook and whether there is something to worry about.

Tricks To Find Out Whom Your Significant Other Is Messaging on Facebook

Before beginning with all the tricks and tips, one thing you need to ask yourself is. Do you have reasons to believe your partner is cheating on you?

There can be many things that must have made you dubious of your wife’s behavior. For example, every time she receives a message on Facebook, you see a certain glow on her face.

The kind of glow or grin she had when you guys were new in your relationship.

Similarly, suddenly she has gone so protective of her phone. She does not like you to even peek into it or hold it. While previously, she rarely checked her phone, even people complained she never replied to them.

She has a better relationship with her phone than with you. She is on Facebook while eating and even before sleeping. Now, she is always hooked to her phone screen as if her entire world is on that screen.

Now, all these things that made you suspicious of your wife’s alleged affair are mere speculations. It is not always wise to act on them right away.

You can first make sure you have solid grounds to blame, as nobody likes a jealous husband.

We can help you to figure out whom she is talking to on Facebook. Now, there is no direct way to determine, nor any simple way. You even need to access her phone to find it out.

It will be a long way; if you get caught, know it will be embarrassing. But, hey, what can you do? You are cynical as hell here!

Trick #1: Use Monitoring Apps or Hacker Apps

Use A Spy App Mspy

To check what your wife is up to, you can use monitoring apps to spy on your wife. There are tons of apps available for Android and iPhone. Go for one compatible with your wife’s phone.

These can legitimately check what or to whom your wife is messaging on Facebook, WhatsApp, text, and other social media platforms.

The only problem with these monitoring apps is that you need access to your wife’s phone to install them.

Once you install the app, it will work secretively and deploy her data to a server, which you can access by logging on to your device.

Now, the question is, how do I get access to my wife’s phone to install the hacker app on her device?

Here it all depends on your manipulation skills. If you ask straight what you suspect, she will never hand over the phone to you. So, you have to shrewdly and manipulatively get access to her phone.

You can ask her if you want to check something that is not working on your device. You only need your wife’s phone for a few minutes to install the app.

Once the app is installed, it will go in disguise on her device and secretly will do its work there.

The app will deploy her phone data on a web server which you can access easily from your device or computer.

These spy apps will show you her Facebook messages and give access to other information on her device.

You can view her call historysearch historyphotos, and videos sent and received on her phone, and you can even capture screenshots of her Facebook.


You can install these spying apps on your kid’s phones to keep a check on their activities on social media.

There are several monitoring apps available. So, choose the one compatible with your devices. Our recommendations are:  

Once you got everything you were looking for, it is time to confront your wife for her misdeeds (if she is found guilty).

If not, then know you did very wrong suspecting her, and you need to stop being a paranoid and delirious husband and work on your relationship.


It is illegal to use spyware and spy apps.

Trick #2: You Can Use Keylogger and Go Phishing

Let’s not get into technical stuff. 

Keylogger apps and software track the activities (keystrokes) of a keyboard. This spyware track users’ actions without them noticing it.

You can install the keylogger on your wife’s computer and mobile device in several ways. The easiest way is to access her device and install the Keylogger app.

Once you have installed the keylogger app, it will monitor and record each keystroke of her keyboard, which you can use to determine her password to access her Facebook.

With this, you can also figure out to whom she texts on Facebook.

If she uses a computer for Facebook, you can connect keylogger hardware to her keyboard to monitor her keystrokes to figure out her password.


Keyloggers are not legal. Criminals often use this software to access an individual’s personal or banking information.

You can also send phishing emails or messages (if you have little technical know-how). Once she clicks on the link, you can steal the login information.


You can hire phishers to develop a phishing link, which will cost you some money but help you keep your mind at ease.

Though using keylogging is highly unethical and an offense, still for desperate ones out there, we are recommending a few apps:

  • mSpy
  • EyeZy
  • SpyBubble
  • FlexiSPY  

Trick #3: Log Into Her Facebook

You can reset your wife’s Facebook password by accessing her phone or computer.

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Facebook on your favorite browser. Navigate To Facebook On Your Favourite Browser.
  2. Click on “Forgot password?.” Click On&Nbsp;Forgot Password.
  3. Enter her email. Enter Her Email.
  4. Facebook will send a link to her email to reset her password; click on it on her phone or computer. Facebook Will Send A Link To Her Email
  5. Assign a new password. Assign A New Password.

In this way, you can log in to her Facebook on your device using her new password. She will never notice it, provided you delete the resetting password email on her device.

Trick #4: The Last Resort

Ask your wife to show you her phone. If she does without deleting anything, know she has nothing to hide, and you were only brewing these crazy ideas in your head.

Please know that this confrontation will cause a fight and heavy argument and might involve some crying, but it will surely put this frenzy to an end.

The Final Words

There is no relationship without a bit of drama! 

In this article, we knitted the story of a paranoid husband who suspected his wife of cheating on him due to her excessive phone usage.

This husband did not want to confront his wife, as he did not want to appear paranoid, so he was looking for other alternatives.

If you are that husband, know you can determine whom your wife is talking to on her phone through monitoring apps, keyloggers, and phishing.

If you find nothing suspicious, then know that you were wrong in suspecting her, and you have serious trust issues to work.

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