Why Did Apbassing Quit YouTube?

Why Did Apbassing Quit Youtube

Apbassing is the alias for Alex Peric, a former member of the popular YouTube group Googan Squad.

Alex Peric and John B, Lunkers, Flair, and the Lake Fork Guy came together in the fall of 2016 to form a YouTube group focusing on the fishing scene.

The group previously focused on sharing fishing tips and pushing quality fishing gear and products but later pivoted to discussing and sharing bass fishing videos.

The Googan Squad was largely successful, having gained thousands of subscribers. They have over 900 videos on their channel and over 1 million subscribers.

Quick Answer

In a fishing episode with a friend on Lake Michigan, Apbassing revealed he quit YouTube at the height of COVID-19 because he began second-guessing his decisions and career path and wanted to see what life had in store for him without YouTube. He also said he was worn out from thinking about how to make money from his YouTube career and wanted time to reset.

Read on to learn more about why Alex Peric, also known as Apbassing, quit YouTube, his return, and what he has in store for his YouTube fans.

Overview of Apbassing’s YouTube Career

As the introduction notes, Alex Peric is a former popular fishing content group Googan Squad member.

The group has amassed loyal fans and subscribers due to their fresh takes and relatability while discussing and sharing videos of their fishing expeditions.

Alex Peric also runs an independent channel, Apbassing, where he shares fishing content. Like the Googan Squad channel, Peric’s channel is equally popular. He has over 800 videos and over 800,000 subscribers.

Alex Peric was born in Illinois, Chicago in 1997. He developed an interest in fishing at 5 years old and has posted YouTube videos since 2012.

He joined the University of Alabama in 2015 but only studied for three semesters, then quit to focus on his YouTube career.

Later, in 2016, Alex Perec met fellow Googan Squad members John B, Lunkers, Flair, and the Lake Fork Guy and formed the now-popular YouTube group.

Next, we’ll discuss why Apbassing quit YouTube and what he’s been up to since rejoining the platform.

Reasons Apbassing Quit YouTube

Alex Peric disappeared from YouTube during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

After a one-year hiatus, Alex revealed his reasons for quitting YouTube while on a fishing expedition with friend and podcaster Sydnie Wells at Lake Michigan.

He said that his primary reason for quitting YouTube was he began second-guessing himself and felt the need to take a break to see who he was without focusing on YouTube.

He also mentioned quitting his undergraduate studies at 19 years old to concentrate on YouTube content creation.

Having started his career early, Alex had gotten consumed by the cycle of making money from his content and gaining more subscribers.

He quit the platform to change his mindset and escape the constant cycle of YouTube content creation.

Apbassing also revealed that it’s not unusual for YouTube creatives to go “Ghost Mode” and disappear from their public face. He says this is the only way many get to take a break and refresh or pursue other interests.

Besides explaining why he quit YouTube, Apbassing also mentioned that there is no bad blood between him and members of the Googan Squad.

He noted that group activities require combined effort, and sometimes other members’ ideas take precedence. He still regularly communicated with all the members but preferred to focus on his channel.

He also mentioned that making money from group projects is a significant part of Googan Squad’s objective.

Apbassing, at the time, wanted to shift his content focus from making money to having fun with friends while doing something he enjoys.

Rejoining YouTube

After the one-year break, Apbassing rejoined YouTube in 2021. In his first video after the break, titled “I’m back and talking to myself. (MUSKY FISHING),” Alex attributes his return to not wanting to let down his YouTube supporters.

Apbassing has been active on YouTube since, posting fishing videos regularly and enjoying thousands of views from his fans.


Apbassing quit YouTube in 2020 to take a mental break from the constant content creation cycle and to understand who he was without YouTube.

He also said many creators unintentionally “Ghost” their subscribers to concentrate on their mental wellbeing.

Despite quitting the Googan Squad, Apbassing still has a good relationship with all the group’s members and only quit to focus on his channel.

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