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Why Did My Ex Unblock Me on Instagram?

Why Did My Ex Unblock Me On Instagram

Everyone hopes they get a safe, healthy, lasting, and interesting relationship. However, that’s not always the case, and for one reason or another, breakups happen.

Some breakups end up with people remaining as friends, while others take it to the extent of blocking each other. If your ex blocked you on Instagram, that’s unfortunate.

What if you wake up one day and realize they unblocked you?

Quick Answer

At first, it can get confusing to find your ex having unblocked you on Instagram. You are probably confused about why they decided to unblock you after all that time. It could be they want to get back with you, misses you, wants to hook up, or regret the decision. There are many possibilities as to why your ex unblocked you, which begs the question, who should text first?

This guide discusses the various reasons why your ex unblocked you. We will cover how to know when your ex unblocks you on Instagram and what to do next. Also, we will see how to block someone on Instagram, just in case you don’t want to get back with your ex. That said, let’s get into it!

How To Know If Your Ex Unblocked You on Instagram

It’s unfortunate when after a breakup, your ex takes it to the extreme case of blocking you on Instagram. It could be they did that to avoid you reaching them, or maybe they couldn’t get over the breakup.

When someone blocks you on Instagram, you can’t send them a DM or view their Instagram profile or Story. It acts as a way of cutting off someone from your life, and unless you follow them with another account, you won’t have any access to anything they share or post on Instagram.

Instagram issues no notification when someone unblocks you. Nonetheless, you can easily know if someone unblocked you if they text you or if you search their username and it comes up on the search results.

Furthermore, they have unblocked you if you can see their Instagram posts, profile, and Stories.

Why Did My Ex Unblock Me on Instagram?

Have you noticed that your ex unblocked you on Instagram? Are you curious why your ex decided to unblock you?

We understand your many thoughts and what-ifs, so we will present the possible reasons why your ex unblocked you on Instagram.

Reason #1: They Miss You

Creating a bond with someone takes time, and when you get used to it, that person takes a special place in your heart. If you had a bond with your ex, it’s normal for them to miss you.

Blocking you on Instagram was a move to forget you and move on. Now that they have unblocked you, it likely means they have missed you.

It could be your ex misses the good times you shared, your company, or your personality. Whatever they love most about you keeps haunting them, and they can’t help but miss you.

Reason #2: They Still Love You

Breaking up with someone doesn’t make you stop loving them. If your ex hasn’t moved on with their love life, they still love you. Unblocking you, in this case, is their way of hoping they can still reach you or you will reach out to them.

Your ex has probably realized they can’t stay without you, and if they still love you, they will eventually text you. Could you wait for it?

Reason #3: They Healed from the Breakup

Anger and disappointment can make you block someone, especially after a breakup. However, you realize blocking someone is not the solution when you heal.

If your ex has recovered from the breakup, they might decide to unblock you.

Reason #4: They Want You Back

Yes, you heard that right. Your ex unblocked you because they can’t move on without you.

If they want you back, unblocking you is the first clean move. The next will be reaching out or hoping you reach out first.

Reason #5: They Are Lonely

People easily get bored and lonely after a breakup. If your ex gets lonely and bored, they might decide to unblock you.

Also, it could be that your ex’s current company is not as interesting as yours. They decide to unblock you when they lack fun in their new life.

Reason #6: They Want To Hook Up

Nasty as it sounds, it could be likely. If your ex has not found a love life and misses the bond you shared, they might unblock you in an attempt to reach out and hook up.

Who knows what might happen next?

Reason #7: They Want To Play With You

Call it payback, but your ex has unblocked you if they want to mess with your emotions.

They want you to wonder why they have unblocked you and play with your mind.

Reason #8: They Want To Know Updates About Your Life

Your ex has no way of following updates about your life when they have blocked you on Instagram.

However, they might unblock you so that they view your profile, posts, and stories.

Reason #9: They Care About You

If your ex is concerned about you and the damage the breakup might have brought to you, they may decide to unblock you.

How To Block Your Ex on Instagram

If you no longer wish to associate with your ex, who recently unblocked you, blocking them is a solution.

To do so, use the steps below:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device.Open Instagram App
  2. Tap on the profile icon at the bottom right.Tap On Profile Icon In The Bottom Right Corner
  3. Now tap on “Followers.”Now Tap On Followers
  4. Tap the search box at the top and search for their username.Tap The Search Box At The Top And Search For Their Username
  5. Tap on their account.Tap On Their Account
  6. Tap the three dots at the top right.Click The Three Dots At The Top Right
  7. Tap the “Block” button and confirm by clicking the “Block” option again.Click The Block Button

That way, your ex can’t reach you or view your Instagram profile and posts.


Most breakups end up with one person blocking the other. It could get confusing if you realize that your ex unblocked you at some point.

There are many possibilities for why your ex unblocked you, and this guide covered nine common ones that you should consider. Thanks to this guide, you won’t stay confused after your ex unblocks you.

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