What Is Synacor YouTube TV?

What Is Synacor Youtube Tv

As a YouTube user, you’ve likely heard of YouTube TV. YouTube TV is a streaming service offering live TV channels from popular premium, sports, cable, local, and regional content providers.

This service has various flexible subscription plans, with the base plan offering access to all available channels, unlimited DVR for recording storage, and up to 3 device connection support.

Streaming services like YouTube TV usually provide cloud-based software management services, which is where companies like Synacore come in.

Quick Answer

YouTube TV collaborated with Synacor for its Cloud ID management platform services to enable subscribers to access digital news networks like Cheddar on their platform at no extra cost. Since 2018, YouTube TV users can access Cheddar’s on-demand and live TV content through their website thanks to Synacore’s products. With Synacore’s product integration, YouTube TV has a smooth and secure login solution that unlocks all available content.

Read on to learn more about Synacore, its products, and the excellent solution for cord-cutters: YouTube TV.

Overview of Synacor and YouTube TV

Synacor is a cloud-based software company. The company’s headquarters are in Buffalo, New York, but it has other global offices.

Synacor provides technology solutions for communication providers, governments, and global video, entertainment, and content providers like YouTube TV to enhance customer and user relationships with smooth and secure login processes.

Synacor offers cloud-based identity management systems to optimize a user’s login experience using Cloud ID – Scalable Identity for streaming media, television, and entertainment. 

Synacor collaborated with YouTube TV for their TV Everywhere verifications.

TV Everywhere, sometimes called authenticated video-on-demand, is a subscription model allowing users to stream channels from various platforms, including PCs and mobile phones, after authenticating their subscription to the service provider.

YouTube TV’s TV Everywhere allows users to stream channels via the platform through mobile apps.

This is an essential service to any streaming service provider, including YouTube TV, as it ensures their services are available to all subscribers without device limitations.

More on YouTube TV

As the introduction notes, YouTube TV is a streaming service offering access to live TV channels from premium sports, entertainment, and cable content providers.

One of the best features of the YouTube TV service is the already familiar interface.

The platform builds on its classic YouTube layout with well-sectioned categories to make finding and streaming content seamless and convenient.


One of the reasons why YouTube TV is among the top live TV service options for cord-cutters is its vast library.

YouTube TV offers over 70 top 100 networks, including CBS, Fox, NBC, and ABC. This is more than most streaming services have.

Besides the vast library, YouTube TV is fast and responsive and works well on various devices, including TVs, PCs, Android and iOS mobile devices.

While several streaming services offer DVR storage, YouTube TV’s DVR storage is unlimited, and you can store your recordings for up to 9 months.

The service has excellent streaming resolution but offers a 4K upgrade for an additional $20 monthly.

The upgrade has extra perks, which include downloadable DVR recordings and unlimited device connections, up from 3 with the standard plan.

Performance and Quality

The YouTube TV base plan’s video quality is 720p at 60 frames per second, the same HD resolution that most cable and streaming service providers have. The audio quality is equally good. It supports the 2.0 stereo audio.

In addition to the base plan, YouTube TV offers a Spanish Plan for an extra $34.99 monthly. The Spanish package has unlimited DVR storage for 9 months, 6 household accounts, and 3 simultaneous connections.

If the base and Spanish plans still don’t meet your needs, you can purchase additional add-ons with services not included in the base plans. Prices vary depending on the network.


Overall, YouTube TV is miles ahead of its competitors regarding live channel selection and value for money.

Unlike most streaming service providers, YouTube TV offers unlimited DVR storage for up to 9 months, over 70 top networks, and a sleek, easy-to-use app.

Additionally, it collaborates with renowned cloud-based management service providers like Synacor to ensure its services are available across multiple devices through a smooth and secure login and identification process.

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