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Does Facebook Tell You Who Reported You?

Does Facebook Tell You Who Reported You

Facebook was one of the first social media platforms to launch the friends’ feature. The whole interface is relatively transparent in terms of making connections, exchanging messages, and even viewing, blocking, or reporting the people or posts you do not like.

But how can you tell if someone has reported you on Facebook?

Quick Answer

Facebook keeps reporting information confidential, and you can not directly tell who reported you. However, you will not be affected if your posts or profile do not violate any community guidelines.

But we completely understand the curiosity! What works in your favor, though, is how you will also remain unidentified if you report someone as well.

Let’s see how we can utilize the report feature on Facebook to carry out multiple tasks.

Can You Identify Who Reported You on Facebook?

If someone has ever reported your page or profile and it got taken down suddenly, then we are sure you are curious to find out their name. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell who did it!

But we would advise you not to take it so personally. Sometimes, our post may offend someone in a plethora of social media content, and equally diversified audiences present simultaneously. Check out what’s banned on Facebook to avoid being reported as well.

However, a massive team at the back end of Facebook will ensure that you only reap what you sow! Suppose your post or profile does not violate any Facebook community guidelines. In that case, you are in no trouble at all.

Unless Facebook finds your post or profile to be mass reported in a case where you have not violated any terms, you are in the safe zone.

How Can I Avoid Being Reported on Facebook?

Although the Facebook guidelines clearly outline what to do and what not to do, here is a short guide to what you can follow to avoid having your profile reported on Facebook:

  • Do not plagiarize content.
  • Do not take personal digs at individuals or organizations.
  • Do not post hateful content.
  • Do not tag unknown people unnecessarily.
  • Block any known trolls or online bullies.

These are just a few basic guidelines to follow if you want to avoid being reported. If you do not engage in any of these activities, consider that you have eliminated almost ninety percent chances of your account being taken down.

However, it can come in handy to also know when and how to report someone else’s account. You can use this method to report an account that may be causing you any harm or crossing any of the boundaries mentioned above!

How To Report a Profile on Facebook?

You may use this method to report a profile that may be harassing you or posting content that you feel is going against the Facebook community guidelines or your morals.

  1. Launch Facebook and go to the profile you want to report.
  2. Click the three dots on the right side of their profile
  3. From the options, select ‘Report profile.’
  4. Select the best reason for reporting the account.
  5. Hit ‘Submit‘ once you’ve submitted the reason for reporting.

However, it would be best to know that if the profile or post you are reporting does not clash with their terms, Facebook will not take it down.

You can still sign a petition or send Facebook a request to revisit your request to report in case you think they made a misjudgment.


Facebook reporting works like any other reporting feature across all social media apps and websites. While there is great freedom to post whatever we want, Facebook does carry the responsibility to keep in mind all sensitivities.

For this, they’ve got pre-set guidelines that you must not sway from. By following their guidelines, you can avoid being reported. Do keep in mind that Facebook is quite responsive to exceptional cases.


Can I report a post within a group?

Yes, you can report a post in a group as well. Facebook reporting works the same across the whole platform, so you may report anything you dislike as you would otherwise.

Does the group admin find out who reported a post within the group?

Unlike regular Facebook reporting, the admin finds out when you report within a group. Facebook allows this feature to ensure that group admins can look in greater detail at what disturbs the group’s peace. It also brings attention to problematic posts that may risk group rules.

How long does it take for a post to be taken down after I have reported it?

Facebook usually takes about 24 hours to review your case and respond. If your claim is registered correctly and the post or profile goes against their guidelines, Facebook will almost immediately remove it.

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