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What Does the Strawberry Mean on Snapchat

What Does Strawberry Mean On Snapchat

Ever been on Snapchat, looked at your friend’s profile, and thought, “what does the strawberry mean?”

Or maybe you’ve seen them use the strawberry in a conversation or a story, but you’re too embarrassed to ask what it means.

Quick Answer

To cut it short — the strawberry emoji on Snapchat can mean that someone is currently struggling to find the right partner in a relationship. The fruit is a way to share your relationship status since there’s no ‘relationship status’ option on Snapchat.

But, there’s no strict rule to using the strawberry emoji, especially when combined with other ones. They’re just a fun way to communicate on the app!

Get ready because today we’re covering the three hidden meanings for what the strawberry means on Snapchat, so you can stop feeling nervous about using them!

Meaning #1: Your Relationship Status

The whole fruit selection of emojis indicates different levels and statuses of a relationship. The strawberry, in this case, means that the person is single and struggling to find the right partner.

Why does the strawberry mean this about a relationship status?

Well, it’s girl code, and it’s a ‘fun’ way to communicate to other girls about whether they’re taken or not while confusing the boys! And because the strawberry communicates “innocent,” it translates over well when you’re trying to find the right person to be with. That in itself indicates that you’re “innocent” about your intentions.

Have you seen this on someone’s profile? Or even in a snap message or conversation? Then keep reading.

Meaning #2: Innocence and Purity

If you’re snapping your friend a strawberry emoji on its own (without other ones), then you’re telling them that you’re being “cute/innocent/fun” about whatever it is you’re talking about.

The strawberry itself symbolizes “innocence and purity” in real life. So, it makes sense that this means the same thing on Snapchat or any other social media. It helps to make a message seem light and trustworthy when the text on its own can come across as rude or abrupt.

For example:

“Of course, we’re doing that later.” versus “Of course, we’re doing that later 🍓”

See the difference? It makes the message feel light-hearted and more playful!

If you see a strawberry in a snap message conversation or a profile and still struggle to understand it, it might also mean a third thing.

Meaning #3: Message or Conversation

Strawberry Dessert

When you see a strawberry emoji being used in a message or conversation, your friend is telling you that they are either doing something now or later or that they like something.

Examples of the strawberry being used in and out of a conversation:

  • What they’re doing — “Guess what’s for dessert… 🍓”
  • What they like — “Yummy! 🍓”
  • Snapchat username, snap message, or story — “🍓🎈🥤”

When you see a bunch of similar emojis (all the same color, like the example above), it’s just a way for your friend to be playful with their username or message. They could also love the color red or even the emojis used in that sequence.

On the plus side, it communicates that they’re approachable and fun to be around!


Now you know the 3 hidden meanings of what the strawberry means on Snapchat. It’s a cute and fun way to tell others a bit about yourself without saying much at all!

Just to recap, the strawberry emoji can mean these three things:

  1. The person is either single or in an unhappy relationship and struggling to find the right partner.
  2. Your friend is being “cute and innocent” about something they’ve done or just making the conversation lighter and more fun to read.
  3. They’re telling you what they’re doing or like about something. And also that they’re a nice person to be friends with.

Remember that you’ll usually find this being used more with girl profiles since it’s indicative of girl code. And the whole point is to be “cute and innocent” while confusing boys from knowing anything about them or what they like or do!

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