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What Does “OSRS” Mean on Facebook?

What Does Osrs Mean On Facebook

Slang words are not something new on Facebook. People use them as abbreviations or to create a hidden meaning when communicating. Teens are the popular users of different texting code terms, and since Facebook is a platform for everyone, it is worth noting the meaning of these code and slang terms, such as “OSRS”.

Quick Answer

The term “OSRS” can have two different meanings on Facebook. Firstly, it can be used as an abbreviation for the Old School RuneScape, a popular online game. Alternatively, it can be used as an acronym to mean “on some real shit”, which is used in a conversation to indicate “for real.”

We will cover different instances when the term “OSRS” can be used on Facebook. Additionally, we will see other common Facebook terms that you will likely come across and finalize with the frequently asked questions about common Facebook terms.

Understanding the Meaning of “OSRS” Facebook Term

While on Facebook, you can come across the term “OSRS”, a popular online game. Furthermore, there is a Facebook account for Old School RuneScape, and since the game is very popular, especially with teens, you will easily come across it.

Aside from the “OSRS” game, there is another way to come across the term. A person can text you and add “OSRS” after the text. Still, you can see it on someone’s post. Regardless of where you come across the term, it’s time you understood what it means.

The term “OSRS” implies “on some real shit”, which is a way to mean “for real.” To better understand the word, let’s have some examples. A statement like, “Hey buddy, the Vikings movie was dope. OSRS”. In such a sentence, the “OSRS” expresses how the subject of the conversation was amazing.

Someone can also post a Facebook story or picture with the comments such as “Looking great, OSRS.” In such a case, they acknowledge how good they look and add the “for real” expression.

Other Facebook Slang Terms

Many code terms revolve around different social media platforms, not just Facebook. Some of the popular ones include:

  • DM – it implies the direct message and is used when someone wants you to message them directly for more details.
  • PM – Private message. It is similar to DM but is used when someone wants you to message them privately.
  • AMA– it stands for “ask me anything”, and someone can use the term on their Facebook post, implying you are free to ask them anything, and they will answer.
  • TBH – it means “to be honest” and is used in a conversation as a sign of someone telling the truth of the matter.
  • BTW – it implies “by the way.”

Code terms are plenty, and you can’t know them all. The solution is to search for the term’s meaning on the internet, and you are sure to find its meaning. Different slang dictionaries help decode the code terms.


It’s impossible to understand all the slang terms used on social media. Each day new words come up, and staying updated is necessary. This guide addresses what the term “OSRS” mean on Facebook, and we discussed its two meanings and gave examples. Besides, we looked at other common Facebook code terms, especially for teens. Hopefully, this article gave you the needed insight about Facebook slang terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does “OSRS” Mean?

The term can be used as an acronym for “Old School RuneScape”, an online game. Alternatively, it can be used as a short-hand for “on some real shit” in a conversation.

Does Facebook Allow Using Slang Terms?

Yes, using slang terms is acceptable, and you can use it on your Facebook chats or posts to interact with your audience, provided they understand the term’s meaning. Moreover, slang terms are popular with teens, who comprise the largest Facebook users.

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