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What Does “LLS” Mean on Facebook?

What Does &Quot;Lls&Quot; Mean On Facebook

If someone says, “Social media with slang is one thousand times funnier than that without non-standard forms of language,” how would you reply? If we were to answer this question, we would 100% agree with this statement. Slang grows up with social media, and these abbreviations have become a signature of the digital world indeed.

Quick Answer

If you’re looking for an answer to the question of what “LLS” mean on Facebook, don’t look any further because you’re in the right place. “LLS” is an acronym for “Laughing Like Sh*t” that users on Facebook and other platforms frequently use in their conversations with friends.

In this article, we’d love to clearly explain “LLS” on Facebook, its synonym, and how to use this slang on social media correctly. Without further ado, let’s get this show on the road!

What Does “LLS” Mean on Facebook

As you all know, Facebook is a great social media platform that allows us to connect with other global users as long as we can access the Internet. Besides, Facebook gets its name on the scoresheet thanks to various features regarding entertaining, educating, marketing, and more.

With the mission to erase the shyness among people, Facebook puts dedicated effort into upgrading its messaging features. This is why much Internet slang appears on Facebook before being used widely on other platforms, including “LLS.”

“LLS” is an abbreviation for the phrase “Laughing Like Sh*t.” Simply speaking, it’s a way to express that you’re laughing hard because of something interesting, for example. “LLS” speeds up your typing and is pretty easy to use.

Hence, “LLS” is not an insult, so you can use it freely with your friends on Facebook. However, we don’t think it’s a good choice when texting with strangers or someone you’re not close to. If other people deliberately type this slang, although you guys are not best friends, high chances are that it’s a sign of disgrace.

Besides Facebook, there is no limitation to where you can use “LLS.” This means that you can type “Laughing Like Sh*t” on other platforms as well, and if your friends are curious about its meaning, don’t forget to send them this post; we’d appreciate it so much!

In the next section, let’s find out if there is any other synonym of “LLS” that you can use interchangeably. So keep reading!

The Synonym of “LLS”

In addition to “Laughing Like Sh*t,” you can type “LOL” (Laughing Out Loud) because they have the same meaning and can be in a similar situation. It shows your reactions to something funny that makes you laugh, and other people can hear the happiness in your voice.

You can also use other phrases to replace “LLS” in case you’re tired of using “LOL”:

  • Chuckle and chortle
  • Snicker and snort (more preferable in the situation when someone is being made fun of for something silly)
  • Cackle
  • Cachinnate
  • Crack up

How To Use “LLS” in Texting Messages

In this part, let us show you how social media people use “LLS” when chatting with their friends.

  • A: “Well, it’s the third time I lost my passport so I miss the flight coming back from Sydney”
  • B: “Again? It’s hilarious, LLS!
  • A: “Stop I’m so sad. I must wait for more than one day before seeing you again.”

And another example.

  • A: “Let me tell you this. Yesterday, my daughter Sophia said she loved Peter so much at her class’s party. She’s only 5, and all the teachers here laughed so hard. They even send me that video.”
  • B: “LLS!”
  • A: “It’s funny, isn’t it. My husband has the same reaction as you. She’s so cute!”

Above are two examples of “LLS” in texting messages. As you can see, “LLS” is not negative slang, and you can use it in many contexts.


Yayyy! We hope this article helps you understand the definition of “LLS” and its usage on Facebook and other platforms. Don’t forget that we always bring the latest updates about social media to the table that indeed benefit you in many ways. Keep following for more!

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