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How To Hashtag on Reddit?

How To Hashtag On Reddit

Reddit is a massive goldmine of content, and you can make the most out of it, but one thing that troubles many is using hashtags on the platform. The forum is known for its coding aspects, and I know most of us freak out when we hear this.

Quick Answer

The only way to hashtag on Reddit in Markdown Mode is by an escape sequence. Type in the backslash ‘\’ followed by the ‘#’ hashtag symbol and your keyword. For instance, your sequence should be \#WaterDamageOnSmartphones.

However, if you like to use the Fancy Pants Editor, you can write hashtags as you would typically, for example, #WaterDamageOnSmartphones.

Reddit doesn’t use hashtags. This has been the norm of the forum for ages. It isn’t your fault as that is how its system is built.

This guide covers the steps on how to hashtag successfully on Reddit. There aren’t any strange coding techniques you need to know. You can copy the sequence on a sticky note and have it on your desktop to use when necessary.

How Do Hashtags Show Up on Reddit?

Hashtags will be seen on many post titles. However, the hashtag symbol before a text forms a header in the Markup Mode. Do you see the problem?

Don’t get a migraine. You only need to know the different usages of hashtags and what they create on the platform.

If you type #hashtag in the Markup Mode, readers see it as a ‘hashtag.’ Using an escape sequence, ‘\#hashtag‘ will show as ‘#hashtag’ for readers.

Here, you have to key in a backslash before the sequence.

How To Hashtag on Reddit?

Now you know it isn’t the essential ‘shift + 3’ like we are used to on other programs and apps. It isn’t rocket science. You only need to master the sequence, and that is all.

Here is a quick method for writing a hashtag in Reddit’s Markup Mode in the shortest time:

  1. Type in a backslash’ \.’Type In A Backslash' .'
  2. Follow it with the hashtag ‘#‘ symbol without leaving a space.Follow It With The Hashtag '#' Symbol
  3. Type your keywords without leaving space. Your sequence should look like this: ‘\#hashtag.’Type Your Keywords Without Leaving Space

You might want to display the #hashtag in header size. Here is what to type to achieve this: ‘#\#hashtag.’

You can use Reddit on your phone or computer. Typing in the symbols is different on the two types of devices. For smartphones, your keypad has these symbols ready. 

Computers will need you to use the Shift+number or abbreviation to get the correct symbol.

How To Use Hashtags Alongside Searches on Reddit

As a content marketing and sharing platform, Reddit allows you to link your post or comment to searches of the topics you share. For instance, you could be talking about how to replace a car wheel by yourself.

You might need to link your comment to a website with more apparent steps that Reddit users can click on and be redirected to. The procedure is almost the same, with some additions to make this successful.

Your sequence, in this case, should look like this:

  1. Type in the box parenthesis brackets ‘[.’Type In The Box Parenthesis Brackets '[.'
  2. Follow with the backslash ‘\.’Follow With The Backslash '.'
  3. Key in the ‘#hashtag‘ without having any spaces.Key In The '#Hashtag'
  4. Close the box parenthesis ‘].’Close The Box Parenthesis '].'
  5. Type in the round opening bracket parenthesis ‘(.’Type In The Round Opening Bracket Parenthesis '(.'
  6. Open the webpage with the content you want to link and copy the page’s URL.Open The Webpage With The Content
  7. Paste the link. Paste The Link. 
  8. Close the parenthesis ‘).’Close The Parenthesis ').'

You should achieve something like this: [ \#CarWheelChange] (

Remember, you have to replace all ‘hashtag’ instances in the steps with the best keyword. It should be relevant to the topic in discussion.

How To Master the Hashtag Sequence on Reddit?

You don’t have to do the whole hashtag thing on post titles. It is more relevant in the text of a post that is text-based or under the comment section.

You can test out your progress by replying to old comments. Choose those that people will hardly notice. If you get it right, delete your comments afterwards.

If you don’t get it right, keep practicing. Reddit coding can get on your nerves. You don’t want to key in the hashtag symbol before a word and be disappointed.

Tip for Mastering the Hashtag Sequence on Reddit

It can be daunting to grasp these sequences all at once, especially if you aren’t into coding or are new to it. You can pin a sticky note to your desktop with the sequences and where they apply. It will be easier to master each of them and use them relevantly when contributing on Reddit.

Wrap Up

You must be familiar with hashtags on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. But, they are also a critical communication symbol on forums like Reddit.

However, the application here slightly differs from the other platforms. It shouldn’t scare you as the only thing you need is basic coding skills.

You don’t have to scout the web for lessons on this. I hope the steps above help you hashtag your content correctly on the site.

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