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What Does ISO Mean on Facebook?

What Does Iso Mean On Facebook

Over time, Facebook is becoming more and more popular as a social media platform. Not only are people using it to stay in touch with their social circle, but also to promote their businesses. Having said that, many abbreviations and acronyms are used on Facebook, which some can struggle to get familiar with.

Abbreviations can limit the time you spend typing and are also very convenient to use. One such abbreviation is ISO. If you’re confused about what does iso mean on Facebook or how you can put it to use, continue reading to find out!

What Does ISO Mean?

ISO is the short form of “in search of.” Instead of writing the whole phrase, you can just write iso. Sometimes, phrases like these are also known as buzzwords for ease of understanding. Usually, people who want to buy something and are looking for it tend to use this acronym to get leads on where it is available and how they can find it.

Sometimes people also interchangeably use it for LTB and WTB. LTB stands for looking to buy, and WTB stands for wanting to buy. The idea behind these acronyms is to show interest in a product or service.

Examples of Usage

Here are a few examples of usage that can help you better understand how to put the acronym to use:

  • ISO a black gown for the farewell. Any leads on where I can buy it from? (Here, the person needs a gown for their farewell, and hence they are asking for suggestions as to where they can buy them from by using the acronym ISO.)
  • ISO a great restaurant for my anniversary dinner (Here, the person is asking about suggestions for a restaurant so that they can go out for their anniversary dinner.)
  • ISO a Golden Retriever pup (Here, the person is looking for a pup. They want to connect with someone selling a pup and hence they have used ISO.)

Does ISO Mean Anything Else?

ISO is more popularly used for ‘in search of’ only. However, there are a few other meanings of the phrase, but these aren’t made use of very often:

  • In support of
  • Isolation
  • Is seeking other
  • I’m still online
  • Instead of
  • Interactive support online

Online Selling

Online Buying

A lot of people are now using Facebook to sell their products or services. When people use the abbreviation ISO, sellers can pitch their products or services to them, or they can get connected with potential buyers to make greater sales.

In 2020, Facebook sales increased by 31% from the year 2019 to 2020. This shows how effective Facebook is as a platform for selling. For this reason, a lot of people tend to look for relevant products and services on Facebook.

Today, we all live fast-paced lives where we want to get the maximum done in the least amount of time possible. For that, we use short forms, which most people understand. ISO is one such acronym that people use to search for things that they are looking to buy.


Facebook’s popularity has grown in recent years. The platform is used to socialize and connect and to buy and sell products and services. Most people make use of acronyms on Facebook. This is very convenient and helps save a lot of time.

ISO is one such acronym. If you wonder what ISO means on Facebook, you should know that it stands for ‘in search of.’ When people are looking for something to buy on Facebook, they make use of this short form. There are also other meanings of ISO, but this is the most popular one.

Other meanings include ‘in support of,’ ‘isolation,’ ‘instead of,’ and ‘interactive support online.’ Having said that, the acronym is used for these very seldom.


What does TIA mean on Facebook?

TIA stands for thanks in advance. People usually say TIA when they want to thank someone for something that they will be doing for them in the future.

What does ISO mean for dating?

In the dating world, ISO means iso-mating. People use this when they are looking for someone to date while they themselves are isolated. This shows that the person is not only looking for a soul mate but also a friend and a companion.

What does SMH mean on Facebook?

SMH stands for shaking my head. When a person is trying to show disapproval of something, they use this acronym for that.

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