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How To Catch a Cheater on Instagram

How To Catch A Cheater On Instagram

Social media has become a magnanimous part of our everyday lives. Thanks to social media platforms, we can now connect with people miles apart from us. But unfortunately, social media platforms have also made it easier to cheat and be disloyal in relationships.

Your partner can do it all via Instagram by connecting with their ex or flirting with strangers through the comments section. What starts as harmless communication can convert into a full-blown affair in no time. But no matter how good a cheater your partner might be, they will leave behind some tracks.

The article will enlist some full-proof ways to determine that your partner is cheating on you. But before that, you should understand what Instagram cheating is.

What Is Considered Instagram Cheating?

Cheating ruins the trust between you and your partner, no matter which platform it is. Cheating does not only revolve around engaging in sexual relationships with others. Being emotionally unfaithful to someone you are in a relationship with is also considered cheating.

If you need to conceal something you are doing on Instagram from your partner, it falls under the Instagram cheating category. Instagram is just another platform where cyber-cheating or micro-cheating takes place. Cyber cheating can slowly turn into full-blown physical affairs.

Signs That Will Help You Catch a Cheating Partner

Here are some signs that will help you catch a cheating partner.

Leaving Comments on Other People’s Posts

You might think that considering your partner a cheater because they are commenting on someone else’s posts is insane. But if you see your partner appreciating someone’s appearance a bit too much, it suggests cheating. Constant liking and commenting on a person’s profile can be a sign of infatuation, which often escalates into cheating.

In a committed relationship, you usually know all their close friends. It is suspicious if someone outside their friend circle keeps commenting on their pictures. It’s even worse if your partner also replies to their comments and comments on their posts.

Avoiding You on Tagged Posts

Happy couples often tag each other on cute posts on Instagram. But a cheating partner won’t usually pay any heed to the fact that you tagged them. They typically don’t bother commenting on the tagged posts or replying back to your comments.

It’s a huge red flag when they untag themselves from the posts. It shows that your partner doesn’t wish to make your relationship public. They might have developed a new interest in someone else and want to hide the relationship from them.

They Make Plans Excluding You

Do you sometimes stalk your partner and drool over their hot pictures on Instagram? There’s nothing to be guilty about because we all do it. But your stalking skills might make you discover something fishy in the tagged photos section.

You might see your partner tagged in photos from an outing you were unaware of. Your innocent soul might have thought that your partner was working late, but instead, they were busy dancing in a nightclub.

You and your partner must hang out with people apart from each other. But the need to hide those social outings is nothing but suspicious.

Sudden Posting of Attractive Photos

Always be alert about any changes in your partner’s Instagram posting behavior. As a couple, you might not like PDA too much. But all happy couples post romantic pictures of themselves from time to time.

Has your partner stopped posting your pictures? That’s not even the real nightmare. If your partner suddenly starts posting attractive photos of themselves, they might be trying to capture someone else’s attention on Instagram.

They Talk to Their Ex on Instagram

Is your partner still talking to their ex-partners on Instagram? And, you still can’t see the red flag? Get your eyes tested immediately. Your partner’s constant communication with their ex can never be a good sign.


People staying in touch with their exes probably still have feelings for them. People who stay connected to their ex are usually less committed to their current partner.

Maybe your partner and their ex have been good friends even after they broke up. They might defend themselves by saying they have been friends before you entered their lives. But you need to sit down and explain why it concerns you.

If your partner is unwilling to sit down for the talk, it might be time to end the relationship. After all, it would be best if you were with someone who is ready to understand and solve the issues in your relationship.

Your Partner Runs Another Instagram Account

Catching whether your partner runs more than one Instagram account is difficult. But if you ever catch a whiff of a pseudo account, try to find out whether it really exists.

Cheaters primarily create a pseudo account to stay hidden. A pseudo account with no posts is even fishier. If you ever get to check your partner’s Instagram, quickly look for linked accounts.

Any faithful person informs their partner about all the accounts they possess. Instagram algorithms usually provide you with new friend suggestions.

Don’t take it lightly if you constantly get suggestions to add a profile with no DP or posts to your follower list. You might be staring at your partner’s pseudo account without concrete proof.

Your Partner Is Always Adding Attractive Friends to Their Accounts

Your partner might meet new people and start following them on Instagram. But if everyone they follow is good-looking and attractive, it can be odd.

Your boo might also be sending follow requests to all your attractive friends. You might think they are just trying to get close to your friends. But what if they start leaving comments on all your friends’ OOTD posts?

It’s worse if they initiate a conversation with your friends and try to be over-friendly. Their intention might be to flirt with your good-looking friends.

Key Takeaway

There are some obvious signs that show your partner is cheating on you using Instagram. If your partner is cheating on you, staying in that relationship is a bad idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean if my partner likes someone’s 40-weeks old Instagram post?

If your partner likes someone else’s 40-week-old Instagram post, it might be a sign that they are cheating on you. Getting to such an old post takes a long time. Your partner has to be pretty invested in that person to put in so much time and effort to like their post.

Is Instagram a dating app?

Instagram is not a dating app. But unfaithful partners often use Instagram to connect with new people and cheat on their new partners.

How to log in to my partner’s Instagram without triggering their suspicion?

If you want to log in to your partner’s device without raising suspicion, you must log in from a recognized device. When you use a device your partner has used previously, Instagram won’t send them a notification.

What should I do to spot my partner sending DMs to attractive people on Instagram?

If you catch your partner sending DMs to attractive people, confront them about it. If they weren’t flirting, they wouldn’t hesitate to show the chat to you.

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