What Does “GTS” Mean on Discord?

What Does &Quot;Gts&Quot; Mean On Discord

Abbreviations and phrases add powerful emotion or meaning to messages or text. Having a mental library full of slang expressions and acronyms is the ‘in-thing’ these days.

People on platforms like Discord see and use them a lot. For example, one of the most used abbreviations is ‘gts.’

But what does it mean?

Quick Answer

The term ‘gts’ on Discord is an acronym of the phrases ‘going to sleep’ or ‘go to sleep.’ Typical users of this abbreviation are adults, teenagers, and those under 13s. It is one of the most used acronyms on the voice chat platform today.

We will look at more meanings of this chat platform-based abbreviation “gts” in this article. You will also discover alternate meanings of the term and a few other popular and similar Discord acronyms.

Why Abbreviations Are Commonly Used on Discord

Discord is one of the most popular instant messaging platforms accessible via the web, desktop, and mobile. You can use this platform to join a dedicated thematic community, set up a server with video and voice chat integration, stream, chat with friends, gaming, etc.

This digital group communication platform also offers various activities and features that users can take advantage of. According to Statista, Discord has approximately 150 million monthly active users.

When a platform like Discord has millions of monthly active users, one should expect them to create several abbreviations that ease communication.

Abbreviations are shortened forms of common phrases or words. In most cases, people use them with hashtags instead of typing them out in full.

Moreover, using abbreviations while chatting helps save character length. Avoiding long texts and using their shorthand versions has become common in most digital communication platforms.

That is why it is important to be familiar with many of the most-used abbreviations on platforms like Discord.

Discord Revenue

Discord generated an estimated $130 million in 2020 while having up to 300 million registered users. However, the monthly active users of the digital communication platform are approximately 140 million, despite claims that Discord has problems with the sexual exploitation of teenagers and children.

What Does “GTS” Mean on Discord?

The most popular meaning of the term “gts” on Discord is “going to sleep” or “go to sleep.”

These phrases are mostly used at the end of a late-night chat via text on Discord or other social media platforms. This conversation ender means one or both of you should catch some shuteye.

Alternate Meanings of “GTS”

The term “gts” also has alternate meanings, though many have nothing to do with text. For instance, the term “gts” is a finishing move popularized by former wrestler-turned-UFC brawler CM Punk while he was still with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

World-famous rapper Eminem wrote and released a song titled “Go To Sleep” on his 2003 album. The song was used as one of the soundtracks for the hit movie “Cradle 2 The Grave,” starring Jet Li, the late DMX, Mark Dacascos, Anthony Anderson, etc.

However, the term “gts,” concerning text messaging, could also mean “going through shit.” This means the user is dealing with many flaks or other unpalatable aspects of life. For instance, Machine Gun Kelly, an American rapper, released a song of the same term or name in 2018.

“GTS” can also stand for the term “good times,” which is used to end a suggestive conversation via text.

At times, a user of Discord may use “gts” to mean “Google that shit.” This usually comes about as an angry response to a question that can easily be answered via the Google search engine.

Other Commonly Used Abbreviations on Discord

Discord is replete with several abbreviations. The most commonly used ones include:

  • gtf: “gone too far”
  • fr: “for real”
  • nrs: “no replies”
  • ofc: “of course”


Discord is a platform where hundreds of abbreviations are used daily. Rather than allow an abbreviation such as “gts” to fly right over your head during a conversation or chat on the platform, knowing its meaning can be incredibly helpful.

Fortunately, this article discusses the meaning of the “gts” abbreviation when used on Discord. Its most popular meaning is ‘go to sleep’ or ‘going to sleep.’

However, the term is used less commonly to mean “Google that shit,” or “going through shit,” etc.

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