Why Do Discord Invites Expire?

Why Do Discord Invites

One way of joining a Discord server is by clicking on its invite link. If the link is valid, it will take you to the server and join you as a member.

However, you may get an error message that the link has expired or is invalid. In that case, there is an issue with the Discord link denying you a chance to join the Discord server.

This guide will help you understand why a Discord invite expires.

Quick Answer

There are five explanations for why the Discord invite expires. First, the invite link may have reached its expiration date. Secondly, the link may have reached maximum usage times, making it expire. Moreover, the administrator may have revoked the link or banned you from joining the Discord server. Lastly, you may have reached the limit of the number of Discord servers you can join. Trying to join another server won’t work.

This guide begins by presenting the steps for creating a Discord invite link. Afterward, we will discuss why your Discord invite expires and mention possible tips for fixing that. Take a look!

How Can I Create a Discord Invite Link?

When you create a Discord server, you can invite others to join by sharing an invite link or adding your Discord friends as members. If you must use an invite link, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Discord account.
  2. Click on the created server on the left sidebar.
  3. Tap the dropdown button at the top of the server’s page.
  4. Click the “Invite People” option.
  5. You can invite friends by clicking the “Invite” button next to their names.
  6. Alternatively, click the “Copy” button at the bottom to copy the invite link.

Share the invite link with your friends via various platforms. Once they click the invite link, it will join them to your Discord server.

Why Do Discord Invites Expire?

Not all Discord invite links work. Some are invalid or expire before you use them. If you note the Discord invite you have is expired, there are different explanations for this.

Reason #1: The Invite is Expired

When the server owner or administrator creates an invite link, they can customize the duration for how long the invite is valid.

If no customization is made, the invite expires within 24 hours. However, customization can be made to set the invite to expire after a given period or not to expire at all.

So, if the invite you have shows invalid or has expired, the owner has limited its validity period. Consider messaging the administrator to send you a valid invite.

Reason #2: The Invite is Invalid

An invite code can be used to join a Discord server. For the invite code, ensure you consider the cases. A wrong capitalization will render the invite invalid, hindering you from joining the Discord server.

So, check the code for the invite and ensure that you type the correct codes to avoid using invalid codes. If the code is okay and you still can’t access the server, try the others tips.

Reason #3: You’ve Been Banned from the Server

Suppose the administrator or owner of a given server has banned you from a given server. You can’t join it again. Every time you try using its Discord invite, it will appear to have expired.

Your only option is to contact the administrator and have them unban you. Only then can you stand a chance of joining the Discord server again. Alternatively, create another account and use it to join the server.

Reason #4: Revoked Invite

When the administrator of the server or the owner wants to keep the Discord server private or doesn’t want more people joining it, they can revoke the invite.

Once revoked, anyone who received the invite can’t use it to access the server and will get the impression that the invite is expired. If that’s the case, request the owner or the administrator to add you to the server if they don’t want to share the invite link or code.

Reason #5: You’ve Reached the Server Limit

Discord limits the number of servers a person can join at a go. The limit is set to 100 servers. So, if you’ve hit this limit, even when you have a valid invite code or link, it won’t work.

So, check the number of servers that you’ve currently joined. If you must join the pending server, leave one server to create room for you to join the other one. Otherwise, your invite will appear to have expired, yet that’s not the case.


There are different explanations for why a Discord invite expires.

We’ve covered the five main explanations and offered tips on how to go about it.

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