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What Does “Found you via LinkedIn Profile” Mean?

What Does Found You Via Linkedin Profile Mean

A LinkedIn profile is indispensable for all professionals who want to earn lucrative opportunities. Your LinkedIn profile is the gateway to better opportunities for career development. Your network plays a significant role in devising better career prospects for you.

Your visibility plays an important role. People can only reach you if they find your profile and view it. It is only natural that you will gain more benefits from LinkedIn if you are more visible to people.

There are many ways people can bump into your profile and view it. But what does “Found you via LinkedIn Profile” mean?

Quick Answer

People may find and view your profile on LinkedIn through their newsfeeds, any company’s page, LinkedIn search, and Google search engine. There is another way, ‘Found you via LinkedIn Profile‘ by which people can discover and view your profile. It means the profile viewer has found you from a profile view of another person in their connection. It may indicate that you have appeared suggested on one of their connections profiles in the ‘People also viewed’ box.

So, let’s learn more about ‘Found You via LinkedIn Profile’ and other ways people can visit your LinkedIn profiles.

Why Do Visibility and Reach Matter on LinkedIn?

We all know LinkedIn is all about networking. Your LinkedIn connections nurture your network. Your 1st-degree, 2nd-degree, and 3rd-degree connections play a significant role in growing your network.

When your network widens, so does reach. So, your reach and visibility determine the level of opportunities at your disposal.

If you are looking for a job, an extensive strong network can open ways for you to find better job opportunities.

Similarly, if you want to promote your business or personal brand, you can create brand awareness and generate leads with your LinkedIn.

So, your reach is significant if you want to leverage your connections for your professional growth and success.

You can only reap benefits from your LinkedIn profile if people view it. Once people view your profile, they can bring new business ideas or job opportunities for you.

What Happens When Someone Views Your Profile on LinkedIn?

There are many ways people can find you and view your profile on LinkedIn, which we will discuss later. First, let’s discuss what happens when people come to your profile.

If anyone views your profile, LinkedIn will let you know their information. This option is available for both basic and premium LinkedIn account holders.

You can find who viewed your profile below your profile photo on your LinkedIn homepage. Similarly, you can also check it on your profile. 

LinkedIn will also show you how the viewer found your profile.

If you have turned on the private mode, you will not be able to see the information of your profile viewer. You will only know that someone has viewed your profile, not anything further about them.

Privacy When Viewing LinkedIn Profiles

When someone views your profile, you will get information about the viewer based on their privacy settings.  

LinkedIn can give a profile viewer’s name, industry, location, and headline. Similarly, semi-private profile characteristics will appear if a viewer has a semi-private mode. These semi-private profile characteristics include company, school, organization, and job title.

LinkedIn will not give away any information if a profile is in private mode.  

What Does “Found you via LinkedIn Profile” Mean?

Let’s hop on to what even finding you via a LinkedIn profile means.

It means your profile viewer has found you after seeing you in a suggestion on another person’s LinkedIn. The person is most likely a part of your network and bumped into your profile from another connection.

The ‘People also viewed‘ section is vital in getting such views for you. This box appears on every profile on LinkedIn that has enabled the feature.

When you view a LinkedIn profile, ‘People also viewed’ will appear on the right hand on the desktop. It shows all those people whom other members on LinkedIn viewed along with the profile you are looking at.

So, if someone finds your profile in the ‘People also viewed’ section and views it, you will get a ‘Found you via LinkedIn Profile’ message.


People can also find you through another person from their skills and endorsement section. If they do, it is also registered as “Found you via LinkedIn Profile.”

How To Add or Remove the “People Also Viewed” Box?

You can add or remove the ‘People also viewed’ box at your discretion. If you keep it active, it will display all those other profiles viewers of your LinkedIn profile checked.

You can add or remove this box by the following method:

  1. Open LinkedIn in your favorite browser and log into your account.
  2. Click on the “Me” option at the top.
  3. Select the “Settings & Privacy “option.
  4. Stay on the “Account Preferences” tab.
  5. Scroll down to “Site preferences” and select “People also viewed.”
  6. Turn the toggle on to keep the option active or off to remove it.

Other Ways People Can Your LinkedIn Profile?

Now, let’s talk about other ways people can find your profile and view it on LinkedIn.

Found you via LinkedIn Homepage

When someone logs into LinkedIn, the first thing that appears to them is the homepage. They saw your profile and opened it. Now, as the name indicates, someone found your profile suggested to them on their homepage

There can be many reasons why you might appear on someone’s homepage. You might have recently posted something or engaged in someone’s post.

Similarly, the LinkedIn algorithm can also make your post appear to your 2nd and 3rd-degree connection if they find it relevant to them and vis-à-vis.


Please note that if someone has a private mode, you will not know how they found you on LinkedIn.

Found you via Company Pages

It means the viewer has found your profile via your activity on any company’s page you follow. People can find you if you have liked, commented on, or mentioned a particular company as your place of work.

So, if you keep your workplace section updated, the chances of people finding you on the company’s page increases.


Follow other companies, schools, or influencers that intrigue you. When you follow them, you add them to your Interests section, and your visibility increases.

Found you via LinkedIn Search

People may find you by typing your name on the LinkedIn search bar. The LinkedIn search bar is a search engine that enables its users to locate other people.


Use your real name so people can easily find you on the LinkedIn search engine.

Found you via Google Search

People can also bump to your profile via searching your name in the Google search engine. If you get such a notification, then pat yourself on the back.

It is a rare kind of search that shows you are exceptional and creative enough to appear on people’s search engines.

The Final Words

To fetch more benefits from LinkedIn, it is always better to keep striving to learn everything on LinkedIn, even the teeny, weeny things. Everything on this platform serves a purpose that aims to enable you to leverage your network for better opportunities.

When someone views your LinkedIn profile, it opens new prospects for you, for possible new connections or benefiting from the old ones. There are many ways people can find your profile on LinkedIn to view.

This article focused on what ‘Found you via LinkedIn Profile’ means. Someone has found your profile after seeing you on another person’s LinkedIn profile when this intimation appears.

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