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How To Hyperlink on Reddit

How To Hyperlink In Reddit

Well, we all have got some opinions to share with the world. And when it comes to constructive debates, what other platform can suit better than Reddit?

But how to add value to your words?

By linking to popular sources, we must say.

However, is there a way to hyperlink on Reddit?

We are glad there is.

Quick Answer

To hyperlink on Reddit, start with logging in to your Reddit account. Highlight the text you want to hyperlink. Find the link icon in the text editor’s toolbar. Click on it and copy-paste the website’s URL you want to share. Tap “insert” and then post. The anchor text will now appear blue and underlined.

This is how you hyperlink on the desktop. However, hyperlinking on a mobile app is a bit different. Also, do you know how hyperlinking can generate upvotes for your posts? If not, then settle down, you have got a lesson to learn today! 

Why Should You Hyperlink on Reddit?

Reddit has jumped to the list of most visited platforms. It has also surpassed Facebook in popularity. Thus, it is clear that this discussion site is full of opinions and debates. To make your views stand out, you will require a strong source to back your arguments.

By hyperlinking, you can:

  • Add credibility to your posts.
  • Boosts viewership of your postings.
  • Generate more upvotes.
  • Increase readability.
What are Upvotes?

The top arrow icon alongside posts on Reddit signifies upvotes. Upvote means gaining acceptance or approval of your opinion from others. The more upvotes a post earns, the more it ranks on the site.

For Desktop Site: Steps to Hyperlink in Reddit

Step #1: Sign in to Your Reddit Account

Start with opening the Reddit website on your desktop. On the top-right corner, you will see the “Log in” and “Sign Up” tabs. Click on “sign up” if you haven’t created a Reddit account yet.

For those who have already signed in, you can simply tap on the log-in option.

Step #2: Start Posting or Commenting

If you want to share something on the post, click on create post box located at the top. For commenting on someone else’s post, tap on comments. A text box will appear at the bottom of the parent post. Click on it and start typing.

Step #3: Highlight the Text and Locate the Link Symbol

Type the text you want to hyperlink and highlight it. You will find the text editor’s toolbar at the top or bottom of the text box. The interlinked circles icon located at the third position from the right is the link symbol.

Step #4: Insert Link and Post

Tap on the link symbol. A popup will show up. In the text bar, you will see the text you want to hyperlink. If you want to edit the text, tap on the text bar and make changes.

Next, copy-paste the link you want to add and click insert. You will see the hyperlinked text in blue and underlined.

Finally, tap “post” or “comment”, and you are done adding a hyperlink to your writing.

Did You Know?

On Reddit, the most popular type of content is links or more precisely, external links. In contrast to the popular text posts, the popular link posts generated around 16,000 additional upvotes.

For Mobile App: Steps to Hyperlink in Reddit

Step #1: Download Reddit App and Sign In

If you haven’t installed the Reddit app yet, you can download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Launch the app and sign in to your Reddit account.

Step #2: Start Posting or Commenting

Once done, you will see a “+” option at the bottom. Tap on it to write a post. For writing a comment, tap on the comment option below the post. Next, tap on the “add a comment” option.

Step #3: Locate the Chain Link Icon

Type whatever text you want to write in the comment or post section. After that, tap on the chain-link option located in the bottom left (in comments) or the bottom right (in posts) corner.

Step #4: Insert Link

Unlike a desktop site, the mobile app does not require typing the text to be hyperlinked beforehand.

On clicking the link icon, a popup requiring the name and link will show up. In the name section, type the text you want to hyperlink. Proceed with adding the link to the link section. Tap insert.

Step #5: Tap Send or Post

After you are finished typing your text, hit the “post” or “send” option in the top right corner. Just like desktop, the hyperlinked text will appear blue and underlined in mobile apps as well.

And voila, you are done adding credibility to your words!

Hyperlink Wisely

Hyperlinking is not about adding any random link to a post. Be relevant, descriptive, and avoid device-specific anchor texts. By following these tips, you can attract more traffic to your posts.


Hyperlinking on the desktop is different from hyperlinking on a mobile app. This post has covered a step-by-step guide for both mediums. Read it thoroughly, and you are all set to share valuable ideas on Reddit!

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