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What Does “ib” Mean on TikTok

What Does Ib Mean On Tiktok

Have you been making a lot of rounds on TikTok? We can understand; TikTok has become a guilty pleasure for all of us. TikTok provides a platform that caters to all. Everyone can start making TikToks and try to become a public figure. The ongoing trends sometimes may confuse you. Have you seen “Ib” in the caption of many TikToks too?

Quick Answer

What does “ib” mean on TikTok? Well, there are two valid meanings for this acronym. When “ib” is used with some other TikToker’s username, that signifies giving credits. You use “ib” in this sense when you’re creating the video after getting “inspired by” someone’s existing content. The other meaning of “ib” is used by International Baccalaureate students to show their life.

Netizens create content and get famous overnight. Hence, new terms and abbreviations keep on emerging. Thus, you can get baffled to learn so many new words and phrases. Still, you don’t need to worry when we are here!

We have got you for today. In this article, we have covered all possible meanings of “ib” and related short forms. Go ahead to know more!

Meanings of “ib” on TikTok

TikTok helps users make short videos about disparate genres. The time limit is from a few seconds to 10 minutes. You can make TikToks about pulling a prank, dancing, making jokes, and sharing informational content. TikTok is a place for people of all choices.

There’s nothing odd at TikTok. You can also make TikTok and jump on the trending bandwagon. TikTok is providing nothing but entertainment to billion of users. No matter what your age is, you can join in!

Meaning #1: “Inspired By”

There are a lot of videos on TikTok that have the caption “ib: @username”. It can be a dancing video, some povs, or it can be an idea too. There are many content creators on TikTok. Anyone’s TikTok can inspire you to make one like them too.

You can like their thinking, dance steps, or how they act. Hence, you don’t copy the concept but take inspiration from it. How? By giving credits to them. Thus, you give right by “ib”, meaning “Inspired by” and their username.

This way, you do not steal their work. You recognize and appreciate their efforts. Hence, you recreate it!


There’s one more term that’s seen in every dance video’s caption. The term “dc” is also used with similar meanings as “ib”. You write “ib” when you’re overall praising the other content creator by making a video similar to them. While “dc” translates to “dance credits”. You use “dc” while mimicking someone’s dance steps (dc: @username).

Meaning #2: “International Baccalaureate”

The other meaning of the term “ib” decodes to “International Baccalaureate”. You must have seen the phrase “Ib Students” on TikTok. The other way to say International Baccalaureate students are “ib students”. Ib students use this term to share their life povs.


It can be hard to watch TikTok, that were all made up of trends. Hence, all users have captions giving credit to the original creator. There you sit, confused about what “Ib” means on TikTok. That’s the scenario where we are lending you our help.

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