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What Does “Boi” Mean on Instagram?

What Does &Quot;Boi&Quot; Mean On Instagram

Social media users come up with new slang and trends every day. There’s no doubt that these trending slags and hashtags make it quite fun to use Instagram. But they also do more than keep us up to newer trends.

These slangs used as hashtags in posts make it easier to locate a specific type of content. One such slang to enter this realm is “Boi” on Instagram. So, what does it mean?

Quick Answer

“Boi” is social media lingo for “boy,” with a little flirtatious tone. Various sources have different notions about the slang, but in essence, “boy” is the widely accepted meaning for “boi” on Instagram.

To be popular on Instagram is to be caught up in all its newer trends, lingos, and hashtags. If you want to be in that category, let’s learn what this new slang of “boi” is about.

The Meaning of “Boi”

The term “boi” has one meaning but various interpretations on Instagram and other social media platforms. Initially, the term “boi” was used in the LGBTQ+ community to add glitz to the term “boy.”

While pronouncing the word “boi,” the sass makes it so unique and popular in queer communities. The world was used to denote boys, men, or even in swears!

But once considered queer slang, the perforation of cultures through social media made “boi” a mainstream term.

Now, people use this slang to call each other in casual conversations, hashtags in selfie posts, and more as a term of endearment.

It has even become a meme for the 2018 God of War video game, in which Kratos often calls his son “boy.”

According to diverse sources, here are some of the relevant meanings of the term “boi”:

  • Boy
  • Teenage boy
  • A dear friend or a male crush
  • A gay boy
  • Butch-looking female lesbians

How To Use “Boi” on Instagram?

When it comes to the usage of the term, you can use this term to make your conversation more engaging, progressive, and up-to-trend.

You can ask your friends what they are up to using this term or use it as a hashtag in your stylish posts.

  • You: “Hey, what’s up, boi?”
  • Friend: “Hi, I’m great! What’s up with you?”

Or, you can use this slang as a sign of exclamation when you hear something unexpected or want to feign excitement.

  • Friend: “I think he followed me back.”
  • You: “Oh, boi!”

Or use it to casually flirt with your crush or friends without sounding clingy or obvious. 

  • You: “You were on fire there, boi. You took the crowd by storm.”
  • Friend: “Thanks a lot, mate!”
Tips for Dressing as a Boi

When you start posing in funky boyish dresses, where you flaunt your pop-culture tees and bold colors with cool sneakers, you can tag your post with “#boi.”

Why Use Slang Like “Boi” on Instagram?

Being on Instagram can mean many things for different people, but mostly, people are there to entertain themselves. We entertain with information and socialization.

These slangs are some of the quirky nuances of being on a platform where you can be altered by how you portray yourself. Isn’t that amazing?

Let’s look at a few of the most thought reasons for the use of slang like “boi” on Instagram:

  • To make a conversation seem more casual and relaxed.
  • To send friendly or flirtatious innuendos to your crush.
  • To generally refer to a friend in a joyous spirit.
  • To give an impression that you’re caught with newer trends and are a modern person.
  • As a term of endearment for lovers.
  • To funnily refer to a family member.
  • To praise someone’s look.
Consider the Tone of the Conversation

If you’re caught up with how and when to use this exciting slang, make sure you use it where it will be well-received. You’re better off without using it if you think someone may be offended or can draw different meanings from it.


One thing that prolongs our time on social media is constantly discovering newer, funkier slang and trends.

Be it to integrate it into our text lingo, to make it a reel challenge, or to give us meme material; we always keep evolving.

“Boi” is one term that means “boy” in general, with various interpretations. Have fun using this slang, boi!

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