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How to Unhide Posts On Reddit

How To Unhide Post On Reddit

Reddit has gained immense popularity among many people. It’s the internet front page, as the website claims. Irrespective of how obscure content is, one Redditor or the other will undoubtedly discover it and share the content across the Reddit platform.

Well, most of the content found on Reddit is generally high quality. However, you might encounter two or three topics that may not sit well with other viewers.

For such occasions, Reddit offers an option of hiding the posts, which ensures you don’t come across the content in the future. But with the human mind being fickle, it’s never unnatural to look for the hidden post.

To overcome such a frustrating moment, knowing the proper method of unhiding a post on Reddit is just as important. Today, that’s precisely what we’ll be focusing on. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in.

How Do I Unhide a Post On Reddit?

Unhiding a post on the Reddit platform is relatively straightforward. Here, we’ll take you through unhiding a post on both mobile and PC.

On a Mobile Device

Over the years, Reddit has received significant updates, making it difficult for people to access the most vital options. To unhide the post, you need to:

  1. Open the Reddit app.
  2. Tap on the profile icon in the top right corner.Tap On The Profile Icon
  3. Select “History“.Select History
  4. Tap on the “Recent” to open drop-down menu.Tap On The Recent
  5. Select “Hidden“.Select Hidden
  6. Tap the three-dot button located at the top-right corner of the hidden post.Tap On The Three-Dot Button
  7. Tap “Unhide“.Tap Unhide


As expected, unhiding posts on PC is never the same as on mobile. But that doesn’t mean it’s any more complicated. Follow the steps below to unhide a post on Reddit:

  1. Navigate to in your preferred browser and log in.
  2. Click on your username.Click On Your Username
  3. Click “Profile“.Click Profile
  4. Go to “Hidden” Tab.Go To Hidden Tab
  5. Click “Unhide” under the hidden post.Click Unhide

What Happens When A Post Is Hidden?

Once you find a post to be distasteful or absurd, hiding the post makes it disappear from your website or app.

Good To Know

When hiding a post, it must be noted that it’s only hidden from you, not the rest of the users. If you genuinely believe the post violates the set community standards, ensure you report the matter to Reddit.

Will the Owner of the Post be Notified When His Post IS Unhidden?

When you choose to hide a post on Reddit, it automatically disappears from the Reddit feed. This action doesn’t necessarily require the intervention of the post owner. It’s therefore taken care of from just your side. The post owner won’t get any notification regardless of whether you unhide or hide their post. 


Unhiding a post on Reddit doesn’t have to be a burden; with the above steps, you’ll have a simple time restoring a post that you once considered absurd.

We hope we’ve answered your question on how to unhide a post on Reddit in the best way possible.


Can one be tracked on Reddit?

Reddit deletes any IP address collected after 100 days. This includes the location information collected through GPS or even Bluetooth or associating your content with a particular location.

Can I delete Reddit Posts?

Yes, it’s possible. Click the ellipses symbol located on the right side, above the post’s title. Tap the delete post indicated by a trash can Icon and click delete when prompted by Reddit.

Can other people see my saved posts on Reddit?

Huge NO! Your saved Reddit posts are simply visible to only you. They are not public contents meaning other people can’t see them unless you share them with other users. The saved status provided by Reddit makes them private content.

Are my deleted Reddit posts recoverable?

Yes, your post can be recovered. Your gonewild deleted account is automatically backed up once you post. 

Where do all the deleted Reddit posts go?

A more straightforward way of accessing deleted posts is through Removeddit. You have to replace Reddit in the original URL with removeddit. The website will automatically load a cached version.

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