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How To Ask Someone To Follow You on Instagram

How To Ask Someone To Follow You On Instagram

Instagram is an excellent app for interacting with friends and growing your business, but you must have many followers to achieve that.

How do you ask someone to follow you on Instagram? This is a common question that can have many answers because there is no one answer.

Before you work hard on asking multiple people to start following, you must have an excellent account that people will find helpful to follow.

Quick Answer

Asking someone to follow you on Instagram is not hard because there are various mechanisms you can try to get more followers. One of the ways of asking someone to follow you is using a call to action. When you post your content on Instagram, you can add a call to action and request viewers to follow you for more content.

You can also ask people to follow you through direct messages. If you don’t know how to start asking people to follow you, read this post for more ways you can use to achieve your aim.

If you are new to Instagram, getting more followers without engaging with people can be challenging. Therefore, you may need to ask someone to follow you directly. In this post, we have discussed simple tricks for making your account worthy of being followed and how you can ask someone to follow you in five ways.

How To Make Your Instagram Account Worth Following

Before asking people to follow you on Instagram, you must ensure your account is worth it and can attract people naturally.

No one can want to follow someone if they don’t know you or engage with your content.

You can use the following tricks to make your account stand out.

Tip #1: Post Quality Content

People usually follow others on Instagram because they know you or love your content.

If you want to gain followers that don’t know you, you must have engaging content they can’t afford to miss, forcing them to follow you.

Tip #2: Create Content and Post Frequently

If you are inactive on Instagram, getting followers may take a long time.

Instagram requires talkative people; you must frequently engage people with relevant content.

Once you create your content, use relevant hashtags to reach many people.

Tip #3: Include Effective Captions

Captions talk a lot about what a given post is about.

When writing captions, ensure they are brief and informative.

A good caption will attract more people to read your content, like it, or leave a comment.

Tip #4: Focus on the Content You Create

Instagram is like a business; it is better to tell your viewers what your account is about by being consistent with your content.

Moreover, if you love posting at a given time, always keep it that way because when someone learns about your posting habits, they may visit your stories to check them out.

Tip #5: Engage Your Followers

Engaging your followers is an excellent way to grow and keep them following you.

If you are creating entertaining content, always aim to add value to it.

4 Ways to Ask Someone to Follow you on Instagram

Once you have learned a few tricks for making your Instagram account stand out, it is time to learn how to ask more people to follow you.

Method #1: Use a Call to Action

Call To Action

A call to action is a message that you leave your viewers requesting them to do something.

When you post your content, ensure you add a call to action to the post and ask people to follow you politely.

Adding a call to action is easy, and you can write it so that the viewer will not know you are wooing them to follow you.

Method #2: Use Relevant Hashtags

Relevant Hashtags

The use of hashtags is another effective way of asking people to follow you.

When using hashtags, you must choose relevant hashtags that match your content and ask people to follow you.

Using hashtags enables you to reach a broad audience.

Method #3: Follow People First

Follow People First

If you want to get followed on Instagram, you must be ready to follow others.

There is a high chance that when you follow someone, they will get a recommendation to follow you back.

Method #4: Ask Them Directly Through Instagram DM

Ask Through Instagram Dm

Another way of asking someone to follow you is using direct messages.

When you want something, you must ask for it, and it will be easier to ask people to follow you directly through direct messages.   


Finding more followers on your Instagram account can be challenging when you don’t know how to do it.

This guide has explained the tricks you can use to make your account worth being followed and five techniques to ask people to follow you on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to market my Instagram account?

There is no best way to market your account besides ensuring you deliver valuable content to viewers. An account gets loved for the content posted, and you must ensure your content is of great value. Moreover, you must ensure you post regularly to keep your viewers engaged.

How can I ask someone to follow me on Instagram?

There are many ways you can use to ask someone to follow you on Instagram, and some of them include the use of hashtags and sending direct messages. Joining Instagram groups is also a good way of connecting with many people and requesting them to follow you.

Can hashtags help me gain more Instagram followers?

Yes. Hashtags are always trending topics, and they get viewed by many people. You must choose relevant hashtags related to your content and ask people to follow you.

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