How To Uninstall WhatsApp on Mac

How To Uninstall Whatsapp On Mac

WhatsApp is currently among the most popular messaging apps. This is mainly because it’s an all-in-one app for messaging, voice or video calls, individual or group chats, and sharing photos and videos. Like other messaging apps, WhatsApp has desktop versions, so users aren’t limited to phones.

Generally, desktop versions mirror your phone app as you only download the app and then import data from your phone to your PC. One of the available WhatsApp desktop versions is the one for Mac platforms.

If you’ve been using WhatsApp for Mac but want to create more space or don’t need the app anymore, you should uninstall it.

Quick Answer

There are two ways to uninstall WhatsApp on Mac, manually or using a cleaner app. To do it manually, close WhatsApp. Go to the Applications folder and right-click on WhatsApp. Select Move to Trash. Next, go to the Library folder. Click on the Search icon and press Command+ Shift+G to open the ~/Library location. Check for paths with a WhatsApp on their name. Right-click on each and click move to trash.

Read on to learn more about manually uninstalling WhatsApp and related files or using a cleaner app.

Overview of Uninstalling WhatsApp

Even though WhatsApp is a popular and helpful app, you may want to uninstall it because it no longer serves your needs or you have an alternative that suits you better. If you’re considering uninstalling the app, an essential factor to note is apps create additional files in a different location within your Mac.

When you uninstall WhatsApp, you’ll need to delete the app’s service files, so they don’t linger on your Mac. App service files are typically located in the library folder.

As noted earlier, there are two ways to uninstall WhatsApp from your Mac, manually or using cleaner software. Even though the manual method is relatively easy, there’s a risk of accidentally deleting critical files and altering your Mac’s operating system.

Additionally, the WhatsApp service files may be spread in different locations and folders, making it impractical to find and delete them manually.

If you prefer to uninstall all WhatsApp-associated files without the risk of deleting critical files, the Mac “App Cleaner & Uninstaller” software is the best choice.

Step-by-Step Guide to Uninstalling WhatsApp on Mac

Now, let’s discuss the exact steps of uninstalling WhatsApp on Mac. There are two main ways to uninstall WhatsApp on Mac, as detailed below.

Method #1: Manually

Follow the steps below:

  1. Close WhatsApp on your Mac.
  2. Go to the “Applications” folder on the left-side panel of the Mac.
  3. Right-click on WhatsApp.
  4. Select “Move to Trash” on the menu.
  5. Next, open the “Library folder.
  6. Click on the search icon, then press Command+Shift+G to go to the “~/Library” location.
  7. After the library folder opens, scroll to check which files have a “/WhatsApp/” on the file name.
  8. Right-click on each file you note.
  9. Click “Move to Trash.”
  10. After deleting all WhatsApp service files, empty your trash bin.

Double-check the” /WhatsApp/” file name to avoid deleting your Mac’s critical files.

Method #2: Using App Cleaner & Uninstaller

An App Cleaner & Uninstaller software provides a safer and more thorough uninstallation for WhatsApp on Mac. The first thing to do is to go to the App Store and download and install the App Cleaner & Uninstaller. After, follow the steps below.

  1. Close WhatsApp on Mac.
  2. Open “App Cleaner & Uninstaller.”
  3. Click “WhatsApp” from the list of installed apps.
  4. Slide the “Expert Mode” toggle at the top of the app’s home screen to view all WhatsApp support files on your Mac.
  5. Click “Remove” at the bottom-right corner of the screen for Expert mode or “Uninstall” for simple mode.
  6. Confirm WhatsApp is uninstalled from your Mac.

If you had initially manually uninstalled WhatsApp but think there are remaining files hidden in other locations, you can use the App Cleaner & Software to delete them.

  1. Open “App Cleaner & Uninstaller.”
  2. Click “Remaining files” on the main menu.
  3. The app will display WhatsApp file remnants on the home screen.
  4. Click on any file and select “Unneeded files.”
  5. Click “Remove at the bottom-right corner.
  6. Do the same for any remaining files.


There are two ways to uninstall WhatsApp on Mac, manually or using the App Cleaner & Uninstaller software. The manual method is relatively easy, but there’s a risk of deleting files critical to your operating system.

Additionally, you may not delete all WhatApp-associated files as they may be in untraceable locations. App Cleaner & Uninstaller software is an excellent choice if you prefer a thorough uninstallation and file cleanup.

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