How To Know if Someone Deleted WhatsApp?

How To Know If Someone Deleted Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a fantastic tool for communicating with loved ones and family worldwide. But what happens when someone you’re chatting with disappears from the app?

They may have deleted WhatsApp from their phone. But how can you be sure?

Quick Answer

Generally, if you’re trying to figure out if someone has deleted their WhatsApp account, no profile picture will be displayed on the person’s account, and a single tick will appear next to the messages. 

This is just a brief of how you can find out if someone has deleted WhatsApp. There are other ways to find out. Hence, in this blog post, we’ll review the most popular methods to know if someone deleted WhatsApp. We’ll also give you a few tips on what to do if you think someone has deleted WhatsApp.

Reasons Someone Might Have Deleted WhatsApp

There are a few possible reasons why someone might delete their WhatsApp account. Let’s look at them below:

  • They no longer want to use the app and prefer to communicate in other ways.
  • They could be trying to hide their communication from someone, and deleting WhatsApp is a way to do that.
  • They may have a new phone number and decided to delete their old account to start using WhatsApp with their new number. 
  • They may be experiencing technical difficulties with the app and have decided to delete it as a way to try and fix the issue. 
  • They may be concerned about their privacy and security and have decided to delete WhatsApp to protect themselves.
  • They may have been banned from WhatsApp for violating the terms of service and have had to delete their account.
  • They may be moving to a new country and no longer have access to a phone number that can be used for WhatsApp.
  • Perhaps, they may be going through a difficult time and need a break from communication, so they have decided to delete WhatsApp as a way to take a break from people.

Basic Tips To Know if Someone Deleted WhatsApp

There is no surefire way to tell if a user has deleted their WhatsApp account, but some indicators can point you in the right direction.

Here are some indicators you can use to determine whether or not a WhatsApp user has deleted their account.

Indicator #1: Messages Not Delivered

The double tick icon beside a message in WhatsApp shows that the message has been delivered to the recipient; with this feature, you can determine whether or not a person possesses a WhatsApp account.

If you send a message that keeps showing a single tick, it generally indicates that the person has either deleted WhatsApp or blocked you. 

Messages Not Delivered

Indicator #2: Profile Picture Is Blank

If you’re wondering whether or not someone has deleted WhatsApp, one of the first places to look is their profile picture. If their profile picture is blank, it indicates that they’ve entirely deleted the app or their account.

Of course, there could be other reasons why someone’s profile picture is blank. They may have simply forgotten to upload one or have chosen to limit who can view their photos in the privacy settings.

But if you know the person well and are confident they’re not the type to forget such things, a blank profile pic is a strong sign that they’re no longer using WhatsApp.

Profile Picture Is Blank

Indicator #3: Last Seen Is Old

Another way is to check if the user’s last seen timestamp is old. If it is old, that means they haven’t been on WhatsApp in a while or may have deleted the app.

However, it’s worth noting that some WhatsApp variants can also fake a user’s last seen (time and date), or the user may have hidden the last seen in the privacy settings.

Last Seen Is Old

Indicator #4: Check Contact Status

Another way to find out that the user has deleted WhatsApp is to check their contact status. By doing so, you have to check if you can invite them or not.

If you see that you cannot invite the user from your WhatsApp account, it implies that the user is no longer on WhatsApp.

Check Contact Status

Indicator #5: Ask Your Friend Directly

If you’re still wondering whether or not someone has deleted WhatsApp, the best way to find out is to ask them directly. This may seem like an obvious solution, but it’s often the most effective way to get an answer. 

Simply send a text message to the person in question and wait for a response. They might have deleted their WhatsApp account if you don’t receive a reply within a reasonable time.

Ask Your Friend Directly

WhatsApp is a popular social media platform accessed by billions worldwide. The reason is that it’s among the most entertaining platforms across the globe that enables users to chat and have fun together. Hence, if you notice that someone must have deleted their WhatsApp account, it implies that there’s undoubtedly a tangible reason for such actions.


If you’re wondering how to know if someone deleted WhatsApp, the answer is quite simple. There are a few telltale signs that you can look for, such as whether or not you see a profile picture or status update for the person in question.

If you don’t see either of those things, the person has likely deleted WhatsApp from their phone. Of course, there’s no guarantee that this is the case, but it’s worth checking out if you’re curious.


What’s the difference between deactivating the account and deleting the account?

Deleting a WhatsApp account and deactivating it is entirely different. Uninstalling Whatsapp from your phone results in the deactivation of your account; however, you can still access your chat history and get messages from other users. While deleting your WhatsApp account means you’ll be removed from the app, your chat history and backups will be erased.

What will happen if I delete WhatsApp?

According to WhatsApp, deleting your account means you can’t access it anymore and will have to create a new one. During this time, your WhatsApp data is inaccessible.

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