How To Check Discord Account Age?

How To Check Discord Account Age

When gamers worldwide hyped Discord for its efficiency, it was all worth it. Discord proved to be one of the most successful communications apps that accommodates a slew of handy features, like making calls, voice chatting, texting, sending and receiving multimedia messages, etc.

However, in those servers, where hundreds, if not thousands, of members participate and communicate, ensuring the authenticity or age of an account becomes urgent. So, if you’ve had your eyes on an account that’s acting sus, you can do this to know when it was created. 

Quick Answer

To know the age of a Discord account, you need to go to the account and copy its account ID. You can do so by right-clicking on the user’s name and selecting “Copy ID.” Then, proceed and open Discord Lookup in another tab. Paste the copied ID into the ID field and click “Lookup.” You will get the ID’s username, date of creation, badges earned, or if they’re a bot.  

Discord can be valuable and fun to use, provided you know your way around the app. If you’re in a rut figuring out how to check Discord account age, this article will help. 

What Is Discord and Why Do People Use It?

Discord is a messaging and VOIP communication app that is most popularly used by gamers to maintain a seamless communication stream while playing video games.

For your information, VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocols, which are devices like phones that use the internet to place voice calls.

Discord works like this, however, with much more sophistication and a host of unique features. You can send plain texts to your fellow discord members, place voice calls, and exchange multimedia. 

Ideally, Discord does not allow people to use the app below thirteen years of age. 

The app emerged as just another messaging app but with features supporting communities in separate servers.

So a specific server will house a myriad of members with similar interests and allow them to engage in an uninterrupted conversation, idea exchange, transaction of virtual resources, and many more activities.

That is why it became such a hit with the gamers’ community, where thousands of players of a particular game can be on a server and talk about it. 

Now Businesses Are Using Discord

The app’s popularity extends beyond just gamers. Now remote workers and teams prefer to maintain their communication through Discord. It is owed to its world-class personalization and unique features that allow efficient navigation and organization.

Steps To Check Discord Account Age

The more you engage in conversations on a server, the more likely you will find some elements that act suspiciously. Knowing the account’s age can tell you when it was created and whether it’s credible.

You can also know if the specific gamer or an old server member is new to the site. 

The following steps will help you find your way around to check a specific account’s age on Discord on your PC (steps for mobile devices are similar, and you can still use this tutorial): 

  1. Open Discord on your PC.
  2. Go to the server where you can find the account you want to check or search for the account.
  3. When you find the account, right-click on it.
  4. Select “Copy ID.”
  5. Navigate to Discord Lookup on your browser.
  6. Paste the ID in the “User ID” box. 
  7. Click on the blue “Lookup” button. 
  8. Complete the Captcha, and you’ll get results almost instantly. 

The result in a box will contain the user’s details like their username, ID, date of creation, and if they are a bot or not. You can use the account’s creation date to determine the discord account’s age.

Note that instead of following the steps to copy ID, you can copy the last string of numbers from the URL when you open the private chat box with the account.

Check Your Account’s Age

There’s nothing easier than checking your own account’s age on Discord. The only difference lies in copying the ID. To copy your ID, you must activate your Developers mode from the advanced app setting. Once activated, you will see three dots next to your name on your profile. You can copy your ID from there and then use Discord Lookup to check the creation date.


Finding the stretch of how Discord works and offers can be overwhelming. Tech-savvy people can handle the deal better.

However, when it comes to newcomers or people who need to be made aware of the nuances of software technology can face problems.

If you’ve wondered about an account’s credibility or age for whatever reason, you can quickly check the account’s age by putting their ID in the discord age checker tools like Lookup. 

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