How To Toast a Girl on WhatsApp

How To Toast A Girl On Whatsapp

At some point, you must have encountered a girl and asked for her number to chat with her on WhatsApp. When you don’t know how best to toast the girl on WhatsApp, you will likely blow your chances of maintaining the conversation and your chances with her.

We understand that not everyone has the required tips for toasting a girl on WhatsApp, but we will arm you with all you need by the end of this guide.

Quick Answer

First, you must ensure you have a nice profile picture. Chat with her with a compliment, such as complimenting her DP to create a conversation starter. Focus on her interest in chatting with her and ensure you sometimes become unavailable to make her miss you. Don’t rush in to ask her; instead, keep your pace slow. Focus on her in terms of compliments and getting to understand her. Be attentive and use follow-up topics or questions. Upload amazing WhatsApp statuses.

Today’s post will explain why WhatsApp is ideal for toasting girls. Still, we will give different tips you can use to toast a girl on WhatsApp and how to execute these tips to ensure you manage to keep the girl focused and enticed.

Why Use WhatsApp for Toasting Girls?

WhatsApp is a free messaging application with billions of users. With WhatsApp, you only need someone’s phone number to text them on WhatsApp. Besides, WhatsApp uses an internet connection for communication.

WhatsApp is convenient for toasting with girls because it is the most popular messaging platform, and anyone can use it to text or call their friends. Again, WhatsApp has a friendly interface, and its features make it an excellent platform to message someone. You can upload your status and restrict who views them.

WhatsApp is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a convenient, easy-to-use, affordable, and fast messaging platform to toast with a girl online.

How To Toast a Girl on WhatsApp

Before you can woo a girl on WhatsApp, you must first get the number that she uses on WhatsApp. You could have met a girl in a mall or class and asked her for her number.

That’s the first step, and once you have her number, you can proceed to message her and shoot your shot. Let’s cover a few tips you can use.

Use a Nice Display Picture (DP)

Use A Nice Display Picture (Dp)

Your DP is the first thing a girl will check when you message her. Hence, you must ensure your DP stands out, such that when she views it, she will have all the reasons to want to reply to you.

It’s best if you add a picture of yourself as your DP. It gives the girl room to look keenly at your picture and who she is chatting with.

Compliment Her DP

Compliment Her Dp

When you check her DP and find she has uploaded a cute picture, such as her holding her pet or a vacation picture, use that as the basis of your conversation.

Compliment the picture and dig in on the details, such as “Hey, I love your picture. Is that your pet?” Such a compliment creates room for a conversation.

Compliment Her

Compliment Her

While talking with her, randomly compliment her to keep her vibe up. Girls love compliments. So, feel free to compliment her from time to time.

There is so much you can compliment her about, including her face, hair, intelligence, jokes, etc. The goal is to make her feel appreciated.

Learn More About Her

Take time to learn more about her during the conversation. Once you learn more about her, use her interests to chat with her.

For instance, once you notice her hobbies or things that spark her mood, focus on them during the conversation. Focusing on what fascinates her will go a long way in enhancing the conversation.

Stay Scarce

Stay Scarce

Another trick to toast a girl on WhatsApp is to remain scarce. You should not be available every time to respond to her messages.

Sometimes leave her on “read” and reply later. That way, she will appreciate your time, and you are making her miss you by being scarce.


Toasting a girl on WhatsApp is a matter of the tips you employ to keep the vibe going and keep her enticed. The five tips presented in this guide will help you comfortably toast a girl on WhatsApp. Have fun!

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