How To Prepare For a College Interview on Zoom?

How To Prepare For A College Interview On Zoom

If you’re unfamiliar with Zoom, it’s a virtual meeting and conferencing app that organizations, event organizers, and individuals use to hold online meetings.

Zoom is popular for several reasons, including ease of use, compatibility with multiple platforms, and various features to suit any user.

Zoom has transformed organizational working dynamics as companies can now accommodate work-from-home and remote employees with Zoom virtual meetings.

Another way Zoom has changed organizational work dynamics is to enable virtual college interviews for students looking to study abroad.

If you are a student preparing for a college interview on Zoom, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Quick Answer

The first suggestion is to prepare as you would a regular interview. Review interview questions and rehearse some of the answers.

Another tip is to prepare your interview outfit. Remember, clothes can improve or deteriorate your confidence. Ensure you select comfortable clothes that suit the occasion.

Another factor to consider is to go through your Zoom setup before the interview. This will ensure you check your background and verify everything is in order.

This post will review some of the best tips and tricks to prepare for a college interview on Zoom.

Overview of Zoom College Interviews

A virtual college interview is an excellent opportunity for students to show off qualities an application document can’t convey.

It is also an excellent chance to display your confidence, passion, and enthusiasm for the college position you’re interviewing for.

While many colleges previously conducted in-person interviews, Zoom has enabled virtual interviews and consequently offered students from anywhere in the world a chance to enroll at their dream colleges.

Next, we’ll cover the basics of preparing for a college interview on Zoom.

Preparing for a College Interview on Zoom

While there are several similarities between in-person and Zoom interviews, a few tips are unique to Zoom interviews.

Here are some examples.

Tip #1: Prepare Your Attire

It’s common for interviewees to pay little attention to their clothes because the interview is virtual.

This is a mistake. Dressing rules still apply to Zoom college interviews. The best thing is to try fitting your clothes a day before and see how comfortable you are.

Remember to stick to solid colors that are less distracting. Additionally, avoid too much jewelry or clothes with graphic drawings and writings.

Tip #2: Manage Your Background

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but your Zoom background matters to the people interviewing you.

For your Zoom college interview, ensure your background is clean and clutter-free. You can add a few statement pieces like a simple flower décor and an organized bookshelf but nothing overbearing.

If you don’t have a room with a proper background for an interview, use Zoom’s virtual background options or download a photo and use it as the background.

Remember, your background speaks directly to your organizational skills, which can affect your interview outcome.

Tip #3: Practice the Interview in Advance

Another important tip for preparing for a Zoom college interview is to practice the interview in advance.

This will allow you to review the setup, the background, the interview questions, and other factors affecting the interview. When practicing, you can have someone sit across from you and ask interview questions.

Ask them to critique everything from your tone and eye contact to your confidence and ability to answer questions. Practicing will have you better prepared for the interview.

Tip #4: Check and Test the Hardware and Software

Part of preparing for a college interview on Zoom is to ensure everything you need is working well.

Even though technology failures can happen anytime, it’s crucial to be prepared and have mitigation factors in place.

Here’s a simple checklist of things you’ll need to review before the interview:

  • Ensure your PC or laptop is working and fully charged.
  • Test the Zoom app to verify the audio and video settings are working correctly.
  • Check the stability of your internet connection to avoid any lagging or disconnection during the interview.
  • Ensure you have a secondary internet connection and a computer charger to avoid unnecessary delays.

Tip #5: Set the Stage

Setting the stage for your college interview involves improving the lighting, fixing background noise, and checking the viewing angles.

Putting your work desk in front of a window for a natural light source is a popular lighting option. It ensures that the room is sufficiently lit and the interviewers can see you properly.

If you don’t have a window, you can try artificial lighting options like a bulb or a ring light. Check the background through the Zoom app before the interview to verify that the video doesn’t capture the artificial light source.

Finally, eliminate any background sources and communicate with your family about the interview.

This will ensure they don’t distract you with movements in and out of the specific room you will be interviewing. If you have pets or toddlers, it’s best to close the door.

Tip #6: Prepare Your Documents

Another essential factor in preparing for a Zoom meeting is preparing the necessary documents in case the interviewer asks for or refers to them.

It’s also vital to have a notebook, pen, and final questions ready so the interview can happen within the allocated timeline.

When preparing for the interview, practice your answers with a timer so you understand which questions you spend too much time on.

This will help you articulate your answers. Additionally, collaborate with another person to review factors like posture, angle, and eye contact before the interview.

Keep your documents well arranged on the desk to avoid distracting the interviewer. Additionally, avoid taking notes at every point of the interview because it interrupts the interview.

Finally, wait until the end of the interview to ask your questions or until the interviewer asks.


Colleges are some of the institutions utilizing virtual apps like Zoom for their interviews.

If you’re a student preparing for a Zoom college interview, there are a few tips you can utilize to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Examples of these tips include selecting a comfortable and professional outfit. Another is to verify everything, including your Zoom app, laptop, and an internet connection, is working smoothly before the interview.

Finally, ensure your background is clutter-free and well-lit.

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