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What Does “Unreachable” Mean on Messenger?

What Does &Quot;Unreachable&Quot; Mean On Messenger

Messenger is a proprietary app for Facebook that focuses on instant messaging.

It’s a daily-use app with various features, including chat, video and voice calls, file and photo sharing, groups, and many more.

Messenger allows you to message your Facebook friends directly and also other people on your contact list with the Messenger app installed.

When you try calling someone through the Messenger call feature, you may sometimes receive an ‘Unreachable’ error or ‘Not reachable’ error.

What does this error mean?

Quick Answer

‘Unreachable’ on Messenger means the person you’re calling is unavailable or Messenger can’t place the call. There are several reasons for seeing the Unreachable notification.

The first is because the person on the other end is not online. For your Messenger call to go through, the person you’re calling has to be online with a good internet connection. The call won’t go through if they aren’t, and you will receive an ‘Unreachable’ error message.

The other reason for seeing the ‘Unreachable’ notification on Messenger when you attempt to call someone is that they have disabled their calls feature so that no calls can come through.

Read to the end to learn more instances where you can receive an ‘Unreachable’ notification when using Messenger.

Overview of “Unreachable” on Messenger

Instant messaging apps have made communication easier by having multiple features in a single platform. For example, Messenger users can chat, share photos and files, and form groups on the app.

Another essential function instant Messaging apps like Messenger made accessible is calling. Currently, users can use Messenger to call anyone on their contact list with the app.

The minimum requirement for the call to go through is that the person on the other end of the line is online on the app and has a stable internet connection.

They also need to enable Messenger calls to receive your call. If none of these factors are met, you will likely encounter an ‘Unreachable’ error message when you try calling them.

Next, we review possible reasons for seeing the ‘Unreachable’ message when attempting to call someone on Messenger.

Reasons for the “Unreachable” Error on Messenger

Messenger displays an Unreachable notification for several reasons when you attempt to call someone. Some of these reasons include the following.

Reason #1: Deactivated Account

The first reason for seeing an ‘Unreachable’ notification when calling someone on Messenger is because they have deactivated their account. Remember, users can deactivate their accounts anytime.

If you’ve communicated with this person before via call or chat message, but when you call, Messenger responds with ‘Unreachable,’ it’s likely because they’ve deactivated.

If this is the case, you’ll have to find an alternative means to call or result in regular phone calling if you have their number.

Reason #2: Poor Internet Connection

An unstable or poor internet connection is another reason for seeing an ‘Unreachable’ notification when you try calling someone on Messenger.

Remember, instant Messaging apps like Messenger require a proper internet connection to relay your call.

If the other person’s connection is unstable, it will interfere with the call’s signal and fail to go through, resulting in an ‘Unreachable’ error.

Reason #3: Disabled Call Feature

Messenger allows users to disable calling on their apps. This feature is useful to people who want to use Messenger as a purely social app for chatting and sharing files rather than calling.

It also works for users who receive many unsolicited calls and want to prevent them.

Suppose you’re calling someone on Messenger, and their call isn’t going through even though they are online. In that case, you will receive an ‘Unreachable’ error notification.

If you suspect someone has disabled calls on Messenger, the next best thing is to reach them via chat.

Reason #4: Their Phone Is Switched Off

Messenger calls also work similarly to regular calls. This means the person you’re calling must be available for Messenger to relay the call.

If their phone is off, the app can’t establish a connection and displays an ‘Unreachable’ error.

Even though most unreachable error notifications result from the other person’s settings or lack of connection, having an unstable connection on your end can also interfere with the call’s signal and lead to an error.

Ensure your internet signal is stable before calling someone on Messenger.


‘Unreachable’ on Messenger means the app can’t relay the audio or video call.

This ‘Unreachable’ message appears mostly when the person you’re calling isn’t online, has disabled their call function, or switched off their phone.

It can also happen when your internet connection is unstable or if they have deactivated their account.

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