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Why Did He Unblock Me on Messenger?

Why Did He Unblock Me On Messenger

Love is beautiful, and we hope the relationship will last forever when we connect with other people.

But some relationships never see the end of the light; when that happens, the people we thought we loved react differently.

Blocking a person on social media is a common trick many people use to get over their ex-lovers, and if you realize your ex is unblocked, this is what it means!

Quick Answer

There is a probability your ex-lover misses you and he wants to reconnect with you. People try to block their ex-lovers to forget about them, and if your ex has unblocked, they have probably gotten over you or want to reconnect with you. Also, your ex-lover may be curious to know how you are doing, hence unblocking you to see the progress.

There are several reasons why your ex unblocked you on Messenger, as this guide has highlighted. If you are unsure what it means, read the guide for more insight!

Why Did He Unblock Me on Messenger?

Almost everyone gets an ex, and when a person you cared for deeply ends a relationship, communication sometimes becomes an issue.

But there is no need to look desperate or start talking to your ex-lover and ask why he unblocked you on Messenger because the guide has explained the top reasons why he unblocked you on Messenger.

Reason #1: Want to Reconnect

One obvious reason why he unblocked you on Messenger is that he possibly wants to bond with you again. Although he might not contact you directly, he will leave clues that he is doing great and hope you will notice him.

Because of the awkward situation he created by cutting links with you, it will take some time to get over it, but don’t rush to talk to him.

Assume you haven’t noticed he unblocked you, and wait to see his next step because he did not unblock you by accident.

Reason #2: Curiosity

Curiosity is a common thing that might have driven him to unblock you.

He thought he would do without you, but now he wonders if you moved on.

When you were together, you had a deep connection and understood your life well.

But now, without contact, he doesn’t want to be in the dark, and curiosity makes him unblock you.

Reason #3: Wants to See Your Posts

Another possible reason he unblocked you on Messenger is that he misses you and wants to see your profile or post.

Probably he thinks you are unaware he has unblocked you and is taking the opportunity to stalk you and see if you have moved on.

Reason #4: Wants Your Attention

Love involves a lot of drama; even men love getting attention from ladies they admire.

There is a high probability that he has never gotten over you and cannot continue without you.

Although he cut links with you, maybe he now thinks it was a bad idea and wants to get your attention again.

Reason #5: Wants to Play with You

Some guys can be canning; if that is your ex-boyfriend’s type, he unblocked you to see your reaction. Sometimes he may be revoking a reaction from you, and he may not speak to you directly, but his actions have a goal.

Thus, being the first to speak to him is not advisable because you might give him what he wants, making working easier for him.

Reason #6: He Wants to Have a Conversation

Relationships always have pending issues, and if he unblocked you because of bitterness or something, maybe he feels it is a good time to discuss issues you left pending.

When someone is bitter, it is hard to make a sober decision, and he probably wanted to deal with it before having that conversation.

Thus, if you had pending matters you had not discussed, like living arrangements if you lived together, it might be reason enough to unblock you and discuss the matters at hand.

Reason #7: He Has Moved On

He may unblock you when he has gotten over you because he no longer cares.

When someone has gotten over someone they loved, they may want to continue their life as if nothing happened.

In such a case, he is now mature and doesn’t want to hold any hard feelings with you.

What To Do if He Unblocks Me on Messenger?

Now that you know the possible reasons why he unblocked you on Messenger, you might be wondering how you should react to it.

Before you decide, it is good to be honest with yourself and know your feelings about him.

Do you still love him?

Pride is good sometimes, but if both of you have pride, even though your relationship would have been saved, that won’t happen because of the pride.

Therefore, any further step should consider your current feelings about him. If you want to get back with him, find the best tips to make him run back to you, but never approach him immediately.


Relationships can be stressful sometimes, and it is good to know how to handle various situations.

When you end a relationship with someone, sometimes the other party may feel bitter about it, and you may not end it well.

If you realize your ex unblocked you and you are wondering what they want, the guide has given you possible reasons and what you should do about it.

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