How To Skip a Line in Discord?

How To Skip A Line In Discord

Started as the platform to keep the gaming community connected, Discord has grown by leaps and bounds since its launch.

You can find niche servers or communities to connect with like-minded people on various topics or themes. The plus point of Discord is that it is easy to use due to its users friendly-interface.

When you are on any text channel or involved in private messages on Discord, it is imperative to break your long message by skipping lines.

When you do that, your message’s readability increases, and also you will be able to communicate your point neatly. If you are wondering how to skip a line on Discord, let us help you!

Quick Answer

If you want to give a line break to any message on the PC version of Discord, hold “Shift” and then hit “Enter.” Similarly, for mobile app users, press the “Return” key on your keyboards to give a line break. You can also type your message in other places with proper formatting and copy it on Discord.

This article is about how to format your messages neatly on Discord by skipping lines to make them more readable and less intimidating for your audience. Let’s dive in!

Why Is Skipping Line Significant?

Since our school days, we have been taught the significance of line and paragraph breaks to attract our audience. You take the example of this article.

How intimidating would it look if we did not break this article into paragraphs and wrote one long paragraph without any break? 

You would not even bother reading it, as it would never appeal to our desired audience.

Similarly, when it comes to Discord or any other platform, you would want to skip a line, especially if you want to share some important message.

A line break is a crucial formatting tip, especially when you want your audience to pay attention to your message.

Long messages look intimidating; and, quite frankly, boring!

I find it more irritating when someone sends tons of tiny messages instead of neatly formatting their one big message and breaking it into lines.

The good thing, however, is on nearly all social media platforms, you can skip a line or give line breaks to your long message by simply hitting the “Enter” or “Return” button on your computer or mobile phone’s keyboards.

Now, the question is, is it as easy to miss a line on Discord as it is on other social media platforms?

Let’s answer this question.

Skipping a Line on Discord on a PC

There are two methods to skip a line on the Discord PC version. Let’s discuss them below.

Method #1: Straight on Discord

If you want to give a line break to your message on any text server or private messages on Discord, it will not be as easy as simply hitting the “Enter” button on the computer.

Unfortunately, if you hit the “Enter” button on Discord’s website instead of giving you a line break, it will send your message. It is frustrating, obviously! So what can you do?

Do this:

  1. Open Discord on your PC.
  2. Go to the desired channel on any server or direct messages tab to send a private message to someone.
  3. On the message box, type your message. 
  4. When you want to miss a line or give a line break, press the Shift+ Enter keys. It will give a line break to your message.

Important – hold the Shift key and then press the “Enter” key. If instead of holding the Shift key, you hit “Enter,” then your message will be delivered.

Good To Know

As of June 1, 2022, Discord has launched a text chat feature in voice channels. So, you can give line breaks to text chats on Voice channels, too, as explained above. 

Method #2: Use External Software

Follow these steps to break a line using external software on Discord:

  1. Type your message somewhere else, for instance, in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, with line breaks.
  2. Copy and paste it on the Discord channel or direct messages and hit “Enter.”

Skipping a Line on Discord on the Mobile App

Unlike the web version of Discord, skipping the line on Discord on any mobile app (Android or iOS) is pretty straightforward:

  1. Launch the Discord app on your mobile device.
  2. Type the message wherever you want on Discord.
  3. When you want to skip the line, hit the “Return” key on your mobile’s keyboard.

In this way, you will skip a line on your mobile devices.

The Final Words

A line break is a significant formatting key if you want your audience to pay attention to your message and neatly communicate your point.

Do follow this guide next time you want to send any text on Discord to make your messages seem more legit and easy on the eyes.


How To make your text bold on Discord?

If you want to make any word bold on your text on Discord, type two asterisks before and after any word. For example, **bold** and hit “Enter.” It works both on the browser and app versions of Discord.

Can I underline a text on Discord?

Yes, you can. Simple, type two underscores on both sides of the text (__underline__) and hit “Enter” to send the underlined word.

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