How To Chat With a Girl on WhatsApp?

How To Chat With A Girl On Whatsapp

If you have got a girl’s number whom you met in a bar, at work, or on a dating site, then getting her WhatsApp number is nothing less than an achievement for you.

Generally, girls do not offer their WhatsApp numbers to random guys because they do not want stalkers or some creeps to bug them with their weird messages.

So, if you got one, then pat yourself on the back! It is time to bring your “A-game” and become her favorite. If you are wondering how then allow us to guide your journey.

Quick Answer

It starts with your profile or DP, which should be cool enough to intrigue her. Then finally, break the ice and let the conversation begin. Before beginning the conversation, you can do your homework by studying her life from her other social media accounts. Your next step would be to keep the conversation interesting enough with your questions, funny stories, compliments, and even a little flirting here and there. In case of silence, do not get uncomfortable and creep her out with your desperate messages.

Here we are no dating or relationship experts, but our guide is framed based on information obtained from dating professionals and even some from talking to women. Keep reading to learn more!

Tips on How To Chat With a Girl on WhatsApp

Before we begin, let’s clarify one thing, all girls are different from each other. So, it is absurd to assume what works for one girl will also work for another. So, do not be a stereotype and assume all girls are similar.

Nevertheless, one thing is true for every girl (almost); they hate creeps, stalkers, or someone who seems desperate —girls like guys who keep it cool and ones who take a keen interest in them.

A guy should be more of a listener to their crazy stories and make less about himself.

Now to formulate these tips for you, I have done extensive research to understand the psyche of girls in general.

I have come across various interviews of dating experts and women to comprehend what kind of conversations they enjoy on WhatsApp or other causal instant messaging platforms.

You should understand one thing when you get a WhatsApp number of a girl then know she trusts you. So, you have to respect that, so do not make her regret it.

Tip #1: It All Starts With Your Profile

Before we dive in on what to chat with a girl, you must work on your profile or DP on WhatsApp. You know how they say, “First impression is the last impression.”

Your DP would reflect a lot about you. Keep a cute picture of you with your dog (perhaps) or something artistic.

Avoid something creepy or weird, like pornographic stuff or even flexing your car. I know how we guys love to flex our cars but avoid that on WhatsApp DP. You can always do that on your Facebook or even WhatsApp status.

Pro Tip

You can check her other social media platforms to learn what kind of stuff she is into. For example, if she loves hiking, you can use any of your hiking pictures on your DP to show that you also love hiking. Similarly, if she loves a particular song, you can use that song’s lyrics on your status.

Play wisely by taking cues from her other social media accounts.

Tip #2: Start the Conversation

After you have done your homework on her from her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you can finally break the ice.

Start with a simple “hi,” followed by something like, “how are you?” Always start the conversation with open-ended questions that she can answer in detail.

After breaking the ice, you can begin the conversation by asking about her daily activities, like how her day turned out, etc. If she works, you can ask more about her work. 

Try to create something in common between you to keep the first-time conversation flowing to prevent the dead-end.

You can ask about her interests, like what kind of movies she is into, books, or music, to ascertain whether you share some common interests.

Tip #3: Keep the Conversation Interesting

It is imperative to keep the conversation interesting by asking more about her than telling her more about yourself

Girls love guys who take a keen interest in them. Now, it does not have to be questions/answers like you are interrogating her.

Keep it natural! Let her ask you questions as well.

You know what would be fun if you respond to her answer with a follow-up question and your answer to it.

Let me explain what I mean.

For example, if she responds that her favorite sitcom is “Friends”; you can answer something like, “Me too! I love how ruthless Chandler is with his sarcasm. Who is your favorite one?”

Similarly, you can ask statement questions to urge her to respond to your question.

For example, “You seem like a girl who would be scared of needless to get a tattoo.”

It is a statement question. She will answer and perhaps ask you how many tattoos you got that you are making such assumptions about her.

Pro Tip

You have to take a genuine interest in her stories. Any time anything seems fake to her, she would know it right away. If you do not find her fascinating, it is not sensible to waste your and her time.

Tip #4: Compliment Her

Girls love compliments, especially when she does something interesting. For example, if you notice her new hair and compliment it, she will love it.

Again do not get creepy and say something offensive. Keep your compliments more considerate and even cute.

For example, compliment her on how you love her passion if she is passionate about something.

Trust me; she will love that you notice her passion.

Once things get more casual, you can start giving more personal compliments and even flirt a little more.

Tip #5: Show Her Your Funny and Deep Side

There is no harm in letting your “Funny Bone” shine (if you are). Do tell her about your crazy experiences or some funny encounters. It will be superb if you bring your crazy stories in response to her answer.

For example, if she explains something about her work, you can share some relevant yet funny encounters with your customer at work.


Share stories that are genuinely funny that a girl would find funny. Generally, what guys find hilarious might be cringey from a girl’s perspective.

Similarly, if the relationship is a little more serious, now you can ask deeper questions — for example, her aspirations, dreams, plans for 10 years, etc. 

Avoid getting too deep to invade her privacy or freak her out.

Tip #6: Deal With Silence Sensibly

If the conversation stops for some reason, do not try to fill the silence when not needed. Give her space to get back to you (if she desires). Do not become desperate for the answers. 

These kinds of questions like “Why are you not answering?” “There?” “????” and others like these are unnecessary during the silences. 

These will make you look desperate. She will find you cringey and less attractive the moment your turn desperate.

Give her some time to get back to you. If she does not, then you can ask her if everything is all right on her end.

Pro Tip

Be considerate and respect her privacy. Do not keep irritating her with your message if she is busy at work or with friends.

Tip#7: Decide What To Do

You can ask her out if everything seems fine as she indulges in your conversations, and the overall tone of the encounters is more intimate than before.

On the contrary, if she seems to care less and does not even ask a single question or her responses do not seem like she cares, for example, if her answers to your stories are “hmmm” or “ok,” then either up your game or stop wasting your time on her.

The Final Words

Our guide will be helpful to you if you genuinely care about the girl you are chatting with on WhatsApp.

Remember always to respect her and never make her feel uncomfortable. Try to be considerate of her time and not become paranoid or obsessed with her.

If you keep all these points in mind, you never know that this casual thing that started from a simple text on WhatsApp would become serious.

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