How To Grant Discord Access to Microphone on Mac

How To Grant Discord Access To Microphone On Mac

You might want to start a gaming session with your friends on Discord to discover your mic isn’t working because it doesn’t have access. Not to fret, most Discord users using a Mac have been there, and you can easily fix that in a few steps. If the setting you apply does not work still, it could be a glitch from Discord, and there are a host of fixes you can apply.

Quick Answer

To grant Discord access to your macOS microphone, launch your Apple menu. Navigate to “System Preferences” and select “Security and Privacy.” Tap on “Privacy” and then select “Microphone.” You’ll see a list of apps that have access to your Microphone. Next, search and tick “Discord.” However, if you’re using a browser instead, you want to tick the browser you’re using to access Discord.

In this article, we’ll see how you can grant Discord access to your microphone on your Macbook in detail.

Why Does Your Discord Mic Needs Access on Your Mac?

Your laptop is configured only to use certain apps when you grant access to them. For instance, you can only use your camera, location, and microphone on other platforms if you allow permission. This occurs across different operating systems, from Windows to macOS, so it’s not unusual to discover your mic isn’t working for Discord and other platforms.

Granting Discord access to your Mac’s microphone lets you interact with your peers seamlessly. As a gamer, project supervisor, or server host, you’ll always need to use the microphone and audio features at some point. Granting your Mac microphone access will depend on how you access Discord on your laptop. For instance, you can use the installed app or website version.

How To Grant Permission to Discord To Use Your Microphone on a Mac

As established, the app you’re using to run Discord is what you need to grant mic access to. For example, it could be the Discord app or one of the many browsers capable of seamlessly running Discord. So, with that established, these are the steps on your Macbook to grant Discord mic access.

  1. Launch your Apple menu and tap on “System Settings.”
  2. In the sidebar, scroll to and tap on “Privacy and Security.”
  3. Click on “Microphone.”
  4. Tick the app you use to run Discord.
  5. Once you’ve ticked it, go to Discord and start recording as you want.

To know if the mic is recording or has been used recently, you should get an indicator light or icon in your Mac’s control center. It’ll also show you what app is using or has used the mic to record to keep your security and privacy top-notch.

What Fixes Can I Apply if Mic Is Still Not Working?

If your mic still doesn’t work after granting it access, you might need to look into other solutions. For example, it could be a glitch from Discord or a wrong setting that you must reset to correct. The headings below show what you need to do to fix a mic that’s not working.

Reconfigure Your Discord’s Voice Settings

You could have made adjustments in your Discord’s voice settings that make your mic not record your voice. However, you can easily fix that by resetting the voice settings to default which will fix whatever glitch you might encounter. These are the steps involved in resetting your Discord voice settings.

  1. Launch the Discord app.
  2. Navigate to “User Settings.”
  3. Scroll to app settings and select “Voice & Video.”
  4. In the page that appears, scroll to the bottom and click on the red icon that says “Reset Voice Settings.”

Once reset, all changes you might have applied to the voice and video page will return to default. You can quickly check if the mic’s working by scrolling back up and tapping the “Let’s Check” button.

Select the Compatible Output and Input Devices

You’re not hearing your mic because you didn’t select the right voice input and output device on Discord. For instance, you might be talking into your AirPods which will not give you feedback if you don’t select it in the “Voice & Video” settings. You should also ensure your output and input volumes are at the max or are at least sufficiently audible.

Below are the steps to select the correct output and input devices on your Mac.

  1. Launch your Discord.
  2. Navigate to “User Settings” and scroll to “Voice & Video.”
  3. Check the microphone under “Input Device” and select the appropriate one.
  4. Find the “Input volume” option and crank it up if it’s low.


If none of these methods work, you should log out of your Discord and restart it. If it persists, check Discord’s help page to see what other solutions they give for mic issues!

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