What Color Background Is Best for Zoom?

What Color Background Is Best For Zoom

Zoom is the most popular and widely used videoconferencing platform. Zoom offers amazing features to spice your videoconferencing experience, including adding backgrounds.

You can add a virtual background, such as a video or image, or use a solid color as the background. Deciding which background color works best for you is a crucial concern for most users, but this article will guide you.

Quick Answer

Zoom recommends using a solid green color for the background. Once you have a solid color for the background, you can comfortably use a virtual background, and the output will be a quality Zoom video that others will love. If you have a green screen, you can use a virtual background that you can select from those available or upload an image or video to set as your virtual background.

This guide discusses what it takes to create a quality Zoom videoconferencing experience. We will see the best solid color for the background, how to add a virtual background, and other tips to spice your virtual background. Still, we will discuss questions about Zoom background color.

What Background Color Is Best for Zoom?

In a video conference using Zoom, adding a background color is handy. It could be you are in a room that lacks a presentable background and don’t want people in the video conference to notice. In that case, you need to use a virtual background.

When adding a virtual background, it’s best to have a solid background color first. The best solid color is green. You can use a green screen you purchase and set it as your background or paint your room green. Once you have the solid color as your background, you can add a virtual background for Zoom, which will perfectly blend in with your background, creating an impressive Zoom background.

Adding a background is not the only way of revamping your Zoom experience, but a good background helps you stand out when on Zoom. Other factors include using a quality camera, good lighting, not wearing excessively bright clothes, and sitting in a quiet environment away from distractions.

How To Use a Virtual Background on Zoom

Zoom allows users to upload an image or video they want to set as their virtual background. Before you use a virtual background, confirm that the virtual background feature is enabled using the steps below.

  1. Access your Zoom account and sign in.
  2. Locate the “Settings” tab and click on it.
  3. Under the “In Meeting” tab, find the “Virtual background” option and ensure it is enabled. If not, enable it.
  4. Log out of the Zoom account and log in for the changes to take effect.

After verifying the virtual background is enabled, use the steps below to add a virtual background.

  1. Open the Zoom app on your device.
  2. Click the settings icon at the top.
  3. Click the option for “Virtual background” on the left.
  4. Select the option for “I have a green screen,” which applies if you have a solid green background or a physical green screen.
  5. Under the virtual background section, click the plus icon and choose to upload an image or video as your virtual background.
  6. On the prompt that will appear, click the “Download” button to download the required package.

For a virtual background to work seamlessly, you must have a solid background color, preferably a green screen. That way, your virtual background will appear during any Zoom meeting you join. You can disable the virtual background at any point by clicking the “None” option.


Zoom is the leading videoconferencing app. You can access it via the mobile app, the browser, or the desktop Zoom app. When using Zoom, you can add a virtual background to hide the actual background of your location and create a presentable environment. Before adding a virtual background, you should have a solid background color; green is the best color to use. This guide has presented all details about modifying Zoom’s background.

Frequently Asked Questions

What background color is the best for Zoom?

Zoom recommends using green as the best solid color for the background. It could be you’ve painted your room green where you are sited during your Zoom sessions or purchased a physical green screen and set it as your background. In either case, green is the best color to achieve a quality background on Zoom.

How can I add a virtual background on Zoom?

Ensure you have the feature for virtual background enabled on Zoom. Next, open the Zoom app and click on the settings icon. On the settings page, click the option for virtual background. Tick the checkbox for the green screen, then click the plus icon at the bottom to upload virtual backgrounds. Upload the image or video you want to use. Once uploaded, click on it to set it as your virtual background.

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