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How To Add Snapchat Filter To Existing Photo?

How To Add Snapchat Filter To Existing Photo

Social media has introduced us to a completely new world – the things we are accustomed to using now are things people wouldn’t even have imagined about 20 years ago. One such thing that social media introduced us to, and is now a common sight for us, is “filter.”

Filters are simply a feature on different applications that help modify and enhance pictures and videos. We use filters very commonly on apps like Instagram and Facebook. But all credit goes to Snapchat for introducing filters and making them popular among netizens.

Snapchat was one of the very first social media platforms that allowed photo editing on-app. In just one swipe, you can enhance the colors of your picture by applying a filter to it. Moreover, Snapchat also introduced funny and super cool filters that modified pictures by adding various animations. 

And so similarly, with time, they have now also introduced photo lenses that work as filters and help enhance photo colors. However, you may wonder if these filters and photo lenses are limited to just pictures taken by Snapchat at that moment? Well, the answer is no. You can add a Snapchat filter to an existing photo – here is how.

How to Add Snapchat Filter to an Existing Photo?

  1. Look for the Snapchat application on your phone and open it.
  2. When you open Snapchat, you will find an icon on the left of the camera button. That icon has two rectangular cards and is known as the “pictures” icon. Tap on it.Tap Pictures
  3. Snapchat will take you to your Snapchat memories once you have tapped on this. You can either select a picture from Snapchat memories or an existing photo from your camera roll. For editing an image from your memories, you can simply scroll down and click on a picture to select it.
  4. To add a filter to a picture existing in your camera roll, swipe left twice when opening the memories tab or click on “Camera Roll.” You will have a camera roll written on top, and pictures from your camera roll will appear. Now select a picture and open it.Choose Camera Roll
  5. Once open, you will see a small icon showing a pencil in the bottom left corner. This represents editing. When you tap on this option, you can edit your picture.Tap The Pencil Icon
  6. Now that the picture is open, you can edit it like any other picture. For adding basic Snapchat filters, swipe left, and you will see that the colors of your picture will change – which shows that the filter has been applied.
  7. You can also apply the photo lens filter to an existing photo. There is a list of options available for editing a photo; these options are listed vertically on the right side of the screen. Find an icon that shows a magnifying glass with a small star beside it from the list of options.Tap Magnifying Class
  8. Click on this icon when you spot it. This option opens a huge collection of photo lens filters. You can select any filter from this collection, and it will apply to your picture.
  9. Selecting an appropriate lens filter has been made really easy on Snapchat. When you open the lens, you will find multiple categories listen on top, such as: “frames,” “effects,” and “Face” Snapchat has categorized different filters in this way to make it easy for you to find your favorite filter.
  10. Once you have found the best filter or lens you want to apply to your picture, simply click on it, and you will see a change in your photo.
  11. Once you have applied a Snapchat filter to an existing photo, you have four options. You can either send it to your friends, post it on your story, save it back to the camera roll or memories with the filter applied, and share it on other applications such as Whatsapp.
  12. To send the edited picture to your friends, simply click on the option in the bottom right corner of the screen. The button says “Send To” with an > arrow. When you tap on it, it will take you to your list of friends, and you can individually send it to anyone from your friend’s list – it will be sent to them as a message.Tap Send To
  13. To post the picture on your story, just tap on the story option. You will find an icon with a small square and a plus (+) sign on top of it. When you press it, it will ask you if you want to post on your story, you can top on it, and the picture will be posted.Tap The Story Button
  14. To share the picture with other social media platforms, you have to click on the arrow facing upward; you will find it on the bottom left right beside the story icon. When you tap on it, it will ask you if you want to share your picture on other apps and give you a list of apps. You can select the app and share your picture with your friends through it.Tap The Share Button
  15. Lastly, if you don’t want to share the picture anywhere and just want to save it with the changes, here is what you can do. After editing the picture, click on” Done,” which you will find on the top left corner of the screen. It will ask you if you want to “Save Replace,” “Save as Copy,” or “Discard Changes.” Select the appropriate option, and you are done.Tap Done


Applying a filter to existing photos is super easy on Snapchat – it will hardly take you minutes to save your pictures with cool Snapchat filters on it. The best thing about this is that you can reverse these changes at any time you want; just follow the same steps again, and it will take you back to your original photo.

Moreover, you are not limited to just Snapchat pictures. Pictures taken from your camera or any other app can also be edited using Snapchat; therefore, don’t worry about missing out on any cool filters!

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