How To Add Bot in WhatsApp Group

How To Add Bot In Whatsapp Group

WhatsApp groups bring lots of people together. WhatsApp users can invite people and chat with them freely in these groups. It’s a great space to plan for an event or hold work-related discussions with colleagues.

Businesses can use WhatsApp groups to get to their clients. Sadly,  these conversations can be exhausting, especially if they are repetitive.

But bots can ease your WhatsApp group interactions by automating them. So, how does one add one to their WhatsApp group?

Quick Answer

You can either develop a WhatsApp bot or get a ready-made WhatsApp chatbot. Ready-made bots come with WhatsApp numbers. You’ll only have to set up a WhatsApp ID before adding it to your WhatsApp group. Once you’ve set the bot’s phone number, head to your WhatsApp group. Tap the Menu (three-dotted) button and choose “Add participant.” Scroll to the chatbot’s phone number and add it to your group.

Chatbots make conversations easy, especially if you’re running a business WhatsApp group. This article presents detailed information about WhatsApp bots and how to add them to a WhatsApp group.

What’s a Bot?

Bots automate repetitive tasks online or on any internet-based platform. Coders develop bots to behave like humans. But they do repetitive tasks faster than humans. They often operate according to the instructions given to them.

There are many WhatsApp chatbots available online. They help WhatsApp users and businesses handle repetitive questions or messages. One can use bots on WhatsApp groups. You can develop one if you have coding knowledge or get a ready-made chatbot from a trusted source.

How To Use Bots on WhatsApp

Recent surveys show that WhatsApp is a popular internet-based messaging platform. Users send billions of messages each day. You need a bot if you handle thousands of replies or questions sent via WhatsApp.

Generally, bots ease communication and interactions via WhatsApp. Businesses can use WhatsApp bots to:

  • Enhance customer engagement.
  • Craft personal consumer messages.
  • Promote their products.
  • Offer customer services
  • Manage internal company communications.

Adding a Bot to a WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp users can use ready-made or create a bot from scratch. The bots will give your group members real-time conversational replies. Let’s look at how one can add a ready-made or self-built bot to their WhatsApp group.

Options #1: Adding a Ready-Made Bot

A simple search online brings thousands of pages marketing ready-made WhatsApp chatbots. Ensure to get your ready-made chatbot from a source you trust. Here is an example of a chatbot you can add to your WhatsApp group. You’ll get a bot that’s capable of crafting conversational-toned replies to other group members.

Ready-made bots often come already packed with a phone number. Therefore, add the phone number to your contacts and give it a WhatsApp ID. Remember, you need admin rights or be the group’s creator to invite a bot to a WhatsApp group. Add a ready-made as follows.


  1. Open WhatsApp and head to your group. Target Whatsapp Group
  2. Access group information by tapping the group’s name.Tap The Group's Name.
  3. Tap “Add participants.”Tap Add Participants.
  4. Locate the bot’s contact or WhatsApp ID.Locate The Bot's Contact Or Whatsapp Id.
  5. Tap its username or contact and tap the green checkmark.Tap Its Username Or Contact And Tap The Green Checkmark.

WhatsApp Web

  • Access WhatsApp Web and link it to your WhatsApp mobile.Whatsapp Web Qr Code Scanning
  • Search the group or scroll to your group.Search The Group Or Scroll To Your Group.
  • Click on the group’s name to access the “Group info” page.Access The Group Info Page
  • Click “Add participant” and locate the bot’s WhatsApp ID.Click Add Participant
  • Select the bot and click the checkmark to add it. Select The Bot And Click The Checkmark To Add It. 

Alternatively, you can invite the bot directly to your group without going through the hassle of adding it to your contact list and giving it a WhatsApp ID. Some sites have the “Invite to group” option on the bot’s profile.

Option 2: Adding a Self-Built Bot

You can also build a WhatsApp chatbot instead of adding a ready one to your group. You can create a rule-based bot or a bot that uses natural language processing. Your goal should be creating a bot capable of generating conversational-toned replies to group members. 

Remember, you’ll need a WhatsApp Business API to deploy and use bots WhatsApp. Once you have an approved WhatsApp Business API, you can create your bot with the help of verified solution providers. Landbot is one such provider. You won’t need prior coding knowledge to do this. Add a self-built bot to your WhatsApp group as follows.

  1. Start by creating an account on Landbot.Start By Creating An Account On Landbot.
  2. Select the “Build a Chatbot” option.Select The Build A Chatbot Option.
  3. Choose “WhatsApp” as your channel.Choose Whatsapp As Your Channel.
  4. Choose and activate a template. You’re free to experiment with the available template until you find one that suits your style and needs.Choose And Activate A Template.
  5. Choose a block to customize your bot.Choose A Block To Customize Your Bot.
  6. Tap on Test this Bot option on the top right.Tap On Test This Bot Option On The Top Right.
  7. Add a number and click on “Add Number and Send Test.”Add A Number And Click On Add Number And Send Test.
  8. Tap on Open WhatsApp Web.Tap On Open Whatsapp Web.
  9. Type “Hi” to activate the chatbot.Type Hi To Activate The Chatbot.
  10. Test the chatbot to see if it interacts per your expectations.Test The Chatbot To See If It Interacts Per Your Expectations.

You can add it to your WhatsApp group after building it. There are many other verified chatbot-building platforms available online. Choose an option that has an easy user interface.

Wrapping Up

You don’t have to worry about maintaining an engaging WhatsApp group. The bot will work 24/7 to respond to any queries from your members.

Therefore, consider using bots to handle repetitive and tiring WhatsApp tasks. We’ve discussed the steps necessary to add a ready-made or a self-built WhatsApp bot. Try replacing them. Share your WhatsApp bot experience with us.

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