How To Keybind Mute on Discord?

How To Keybind Mute On Discord

Discord serves inciting features to its users.

This app lets you talk over voice, video chat, and instant messaging.

To avoid background noise, it offers two muting options. A toggle mute and push to mute.

To focus more on a task, often, toggle mute is overlooked by its users.

Moreover, Discord offers numerous Keybinds and allows you to customize them.

So, how to Keybind mute on Discord?

Quick Answer

To Keybind mute, go to Discord settings and select the “Keybinds” tab from the left navigation. Click on the “Add a Keybind” button, select “Toggle Mute,” and tap “Record Keybind” to create your desired key combination. 

So Discord lets you mute your microphone whichever way you find convenient, thus providing you complete control over your microphone and a customized Keybind. 

This blog post will tell you how to mute using “Toggle Mute” or “Push to Mute,” along with their differences. 

How To Keybind Mute on Discord?

Here is the step-by-step guide to set up either a toggle mute or push to mute on Discord.

Step #1: Open Discord

Open Discord Pc Application

Open Discord on your PC and log into your account. Discord doesn’t allow you to set up Keybinds on its mobile app. 

Step #2: Navigate to User Settings

Navigate To User Settings

Next, click the cogwheel icon at the bottom left next to your username to access user settings.

Step #3: Open the Keybinds Menu

Open The Keybind Menu

Click on the “Keybinds” option in the left navigation.

Step #4: Add a Keybind

Add A Keybind

In the top right corner of the screen, click on “Add a Keybind.” This will allow you to set your combination of keys for muting on Discord. A new action will be formed and will be “Unassigned” by default. 

Step #5: Select Your Mute Option

Select Your Mute Option

Click on “Unassigned” to open a drop-down menu. From the drop-down menu, select your mute option. You can either pick “Toggle Mute” or “Push to Mute.”

Step #6: Record a Keybind

Record A Keybind

Click the “Record Keybind” button and press the combination keys you want to pick for muting on Discord. You also have the option of selecting the mouse button. 

Now, whenever you want to mute your microphone on Discord, you can press your key combination. 

Toggle Mute vs. Push to Mute

Are you confused between these two options? 

Don’t worry. We will tell you the main difference between them.

Toggle Mute

In Discord, the “Toggle Mute” option lets users switch on or off their microphones. Once you have pressed the Keybind button, your microphones will turn off. To unmute them, you need to press the toggle key again. 

This option has only one drawback. While playing games, you can forget to unmute again. 

Push to Mute

Push to mute is different from Toggle Mute. You need to press and hold the Keybind to mute your voice.

Dissimilar to toggle mute, it will unmute your microphone once you release the Keybind button. 

Why Should You Mute on Discord?

While gaming, you need to communicate with other players. And to do that, the Discord app allows you to use your microphone. 

But at times, the background noise can annoy players when the game is at its peak. This can distract them. For this, your friends are more likely to mute themselves. 

This way, you and your friends can focus without any distractions. Pressing the mute button will turn off your microphones immediately when you are talking.

Moreover, you can unmute when something important is to be discussed. 


Knowing how to mute yourself on Discord is extremely important. The slightest noise can distract players during the game. So muting is the best option to avoid that.

It allows you to have private conversations with the people sitting right next to you without worrying that your game members will hear.

We hope the information provided in this article has helped you understand everything there is to know about muting on Discord.

The key is to pick the most straightforward combination to mute so that you don’t have to go through any hassle when the time comes. 

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