How To Use Bass Bot on Discord?

How To Use Bass Bot On Discord

Did you know that you can do more than just text and call on Discord? You can also play music as you chat with your Discord buddies or stream games via Discord.

You can do this through bots or integrate music streaming platforms with your Discord. Bots like Bass bot can help enhance your music experience on Discord. So, how can one use the Bass bot on Discord?

Quick Answer

The Bass bot brings the bass boost experience to your Discord. But you’ll need to invite the Bass bot to your server to experience the bass boost filter on your Discord. Go to the Bass bot website and invite Bass to your Discord server. The Bass bot also comes with commands to ease different music functions as you play music on your server.

Music makes everything beautiful. Today’s article presents how to add and use the Bass bot on Discord to enhance your music experience on Discord.

What’s the Bass Bot?

A bot (short form of a robot) is a program developed to perform repetitive or automated tasks. Bots can perform different activities like populating the server, playing music on the server, or automating chats. You can instruct them to make server tasks easy.

“Bass” is a music bot. It lets you play bass-boosted music on your Discord server. It’s pre-made. It’s also free to download. You’ll need to add Bass to your server before using it on Discord.

The bot has several filters that enhance your music experience. It can add a bass boost, 8D, 4deep, vaporwave, echo, tremolo, pulsator, surround, chorus, and karaoke filters to your music.

The bot also has a multi-language support feature.

How To Add Bass to a Discord Server?

You must be a server administrator or get approval from the administrator before adding any bot to a server. You can also grant a server member administrator role if you’re the owner of a Discord server.

The newly added administrator will have the power to add the Bass bot to your server.

Add the Bass bot as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Bass bot on the top.gg site on your favorite browser.
  2. Click the “Invite” button.
  3. The click will lead you to a new tab. Select the server from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click the “Continue” button at the bottom.
  5. Keep all the permissions checked and click the “Authorize” button.
  6. Check the “I am human” captcha to confirm that you’re not a robot.

If you go back to your server, you’ll notice that the Bass bot is one of the server’s members.

Using Bass Bot on Discord

You are free to use the Bass bot as much as you wish once it’s a member of your server. The bot comes with commands that direct how the bot behaves as you play music.

Here are a few commands you can use as you play bass-boosted music with the help of Bass:

  1. The bass!invite command lets you invite Bass to your server.
  2. The bass!help is the help command. You can use it when you want help or wish to access the other commands.
  3. The bass!bass command varies the bass strength.
  4. The bass!stats displays all the stats about Bass.
  5. The bass!support directs you to a support point that contains all the Bass help information.
  6. The bass!translator displays all the translator services the bot can handle since it comes with a multi-language feature.
  7. The bass!play lets you automate the play songs task.
  8. The bass!pause command lets users pause songs playing without hitting the pause button.
  9. The bass!resume allows one to resume songs.
  10. The bass!shuffle command lets one shuffle songs on a queue.
  11. The bass!skip command lets one skip the song that’s playing.
  12. The bass!stop automates the stop playing songs task.
  13. One can also change the volume with the bass!volume command.

You can find all Bass commands on the top.gg website. Go through these commands and enjoy the pecks of inviting Bass to your server. Remember to add the prefix “bass!” when using them.

Final Words

Discord is a fun and interactive platform. But bots make it more fun and easy to navigate. Discord supports lots of reliable bots like Bass. The bots let you enjoy conversing with others as you automate other tasks.

So invite and use Bass on your server. It will let you add different filters to your music and automate tasks such as pausing or playing songs.

It can also let you access help anytime you encounter issues with the bot. Otherwise, enjoy the unlimited bass-boosted music on your server.


Are Discord bots safe?

Most discord bots are safe. However, some bots may try to ask for your email or contacts. Don’t let them access such information because the bot developer will access your information. Therefore, increasing the risk of experiencing data leaking or hacking.

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