How To Sleep in Zoom Class?

How To Sleep In Zoom Class

It’s a fact that every student snoozes during an excruciatingly dull class. It is natural, and everybody does it. The sleep you experience in these few minutes is more serene than any sleep you get anywhere. The key is never to get caught.

Honestly, it is easier to take a little nap during any physical class. In Zoom classes, it is challenging to cover up your snoozing from teachers. Still not impossible! So, how can you sleep in a Zoom class?

Quick Answer

If turning the camera on is not mandatory during the class, you can always switch off the camera and take the needed nap. If compulsory, you can switch your camera off or even exit the class to sleep and blame it on a poor internet connection (if caught). Likewise, you can sleep during brain breaks. Another thing you can try is to participate heavily at the beginning and slip away when it gets boring. Alternatively, you can try other classic tricks to make you look attentive while you are asleep.

If online classes are super excruciating and compelling you to doze off, then learn how to do it smartly.

The Dilemma of Online Classes on Zoom

Back in my days, when I was a student, online classes or Zoom classes were not a thing. Those days were pretty much simple! Whenever anybody wanted to nap, they hid their faces in their hoodies or sat behind the ridiculously huge person.

Zoom classes or online classes became a thing during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, we had no option but to resort to virtual conferencing places like Zoom to conduct business meetings and even academic classes.

Physical classes can get boring enough to urge you to doze off. Online ones get even more painful for students due to a lack of one-to-one interactions. 

Whenever anything gets tedious and painful, it shuts down everything inside your head — closing down your consciousness and taking you to the land of unconsciousness — in simple words, you sleep.

Everybody knows how to sleep your way through the lecture during physical classes, but do you know how to sleep in Zoom class?

Let’s figure out some ways you can trick your teachers and sleep your way through your online lecture on Zoom.

Option #1: Turning Your Camera Off

You can doze off in Zoom class which does not mandate students to turn their cameras on, by simply turning them off. Since your teacher cannot see you, you can close your eyes or do whatever during the session.

This option infuriated many teachers as they felt like teaching in the void with nobody listening to them.

Now, it has become mandatory for students in many educational programs to keep their webcams on during their Zoom classes. Still, it is not difficult to dodge your teacher and take a nap.

You can always turn off your camera since there are many participants, and your teacher will not be able to catch you.

Even if any co-host catches and calls you out, you can always play the game of poor Wi-Fi connection. It works like a charm every time!


We do not condone such behavior as it is unethical. So, it is better to leave the class when you cannot take it any longer instead of white lies.

Having a camera on during Zoom classes made students self-conscious and concerned for their privacy and affected their self-esteem. Therefore, many programs disapprove of this requirement for learners.

The teacher can use other tactics to determine whether the student listened to the lecture.


Always keep your Microphone off during your online class to prevent any embarrassment.

Option #2: Participate More at the Beginning

Make sure to participate as much as possible at the beginning of the class. You can ask questions, “raise your hand,” or even chat at the beginning of the session to leave your evidence of existence.

You can always sleep off for a few minutes if the class gets ridiculously dragged.

As the class gets prolonged, the teacher can lose interest and energy to even care about who is attentive. Do not draw too much attention towards yourself to prevent from getting into your teacher’s radar.

Some teachers are ridiculously energetic, and their energy level stays the same throughout the class. So be wary of such teachers. Try napping during some lenient teacher’s class.


Generally, teachers take attendance at the beginning or even end of the class. Know how your teacher does it, and avoid napping during that moment at any cost.

Option #3: All Possible Bluffs When Your Camera Is On

When your camera is on, then you can try any of these classic tricks to snooze during Zoom class:

  • You can also try classic resting head positions. Some love to reset their forehead on their hand to cover their eyes and appear as noting the lecture while they are asleep. The key is to hold a pen or pencil to appear as if writing something.
  • Tilt your head and place it on your palm with your elbow resting on some surface. On your second hand, you should have a pencil to look like you are writing something. You can close your eyes and sleep in this position.
  • If you have long bangs or strands, use them to cover your closed eyes stylishly. Even when you sleep, your teacher would assume it is part of your swag. 

Option #4: Leave the Class

It is the right thing to do when you feel sleepy. You can give any excuse, from being sick to some other urgency.

Since you are a little devil here, you can rejoin the session and blame your departure on a poor internet connection.

Option #5: Sleep During the Break

Some teachers give “brain breaks” to help their students revive. During these brain breaks, most teachers unwind and play games with students.

It is a good time to shut your eyes for a few minutes while others play around.

The Bottom Line

Every student (since the days of Adam) has slept during their excruciatingly dragging lectures. It is unfortunate for students of this digital age that their classes are even more boring on Zoom.

If sleep takes over you, you can try our techniques to sneakily sleep during your Zoom lectures without even being caught.

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