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How Many Servers Does Facebook Have?

How Many Servers Does Facebook Have

Facebook is among the leading platforms widely used by companies to market their products and other individuals to connect with friends.

When the platform started, it did not have many users and did not need many servers, as little data was collected from the users.

Over the years, Facebook has become a global platform acquiring almost three billion users worldwide.

The many users mean a huge amount of data is generated every second, requiring many powerful servers.

But how many servers does Facebook actually have?

Quick Answer

The many users experienced per month indicate Facebook must have several servers to ensure it is always operational. The company has been increasing the number of servers since 2008 when it had 10,000 servers. In 2010, the company’s staff indicated it had acquired at least 60,000 servers in its data centers. Currently, the number of servers is unclear, but they must be beyond 100,000 because of the increasing number of users.

This article will explain the user growth in Facebook over the years, the type of servers used, how many servers are used by Facebook, and answer questions users have concerning Facebook. Let’s get started!

How Many Users Does Facebook Have?

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms with the highest monthly active users. Although lately the number of users has been reducing, statistics indicate that 36.8%of the total people in the world use this app.

As of January 2023, the application had 2.96 billion active users. Every day at least 2 billion users are estimated to use Facebook.

Moreover, the higher percentage of Facebook users is males, while females who use the app are estimated to form 43.7% of the total users.

How Many Servers Does Facebook Have?

Facebook’s vice president revealed that when they started the company, one server was enough to host all their users because of their few users.

Currently, the platform has many users, making it necessary to have multiple servers to ensure the app is up and running every time.

In 2008, the company had 10,000 servers that hosted all the data produced by its users. With time the number of servers has been increasing, indicating 30,000 servers in 2009.

The company’s technical staff revealed the company had more than 60,000 servers in 2010, and this number has continued to grow to accommodate more users.

Facebook has not revealed the number of servers powering its operations, but from the statistics of the many users accessing the application daily, the servers are beyond 100,000.

The multiple data centers built by Facebook can only tell how numerous the servers are.

What Types of Servers Are Used by Facebook?

Facebook started using servers they make by themselves to make it cheaper.

Unlike many servers that regulate the temperature by air conditioning, Facebook has ensured the inside of the server room is not loud and its temperature is comfortable.

Facebook uses chips from Intel and AMD to power its servers. The comfortable cooling effect has been made easier by using servers with larger heat sinks ad fans.

Moreover, the company has ensured cabling and powering to the servers are located on the front to enable the staff to work on the equipment easily.


The growing number of users experienced on Facebook has made increasing the number of servers necessary to avoid system failure scenarios.

Facebook remains one of the applications with many active users, meaning massive data is shared via the platform.

If you find it hard to understand the number of servers owned by Facebook, read this post, and you will understand.


What is the age requirement to own a Facebook account?

Facebook has set a limit on the users who can create an account with them. The minimum age requirement is 13 years meaning those who create the account without considering the age bracket are not allowed to join. Moreover, Facebook disables the accounts of individuals who have not attained the age requirement.

Are there fake accounts on Facebook?

Yes. Facebook released a report in 2020 and indicated that out of the 2.7 active users they received per month, 5% of the accounts were fake. Facebook takes down 7.7 million fake accounts every day.

How many servers does Facebook have?

The servers used by Facebook have been increasing per year. In 2008, the company had 10,000 servers, and 30,000 in 2009. Currently, the record of total servers has not been shared with the public, but with the many users on the platform, they must have more than a hundred thousand servers.

Can I trust Facebook with my data?

Facebook has privacy rules that ensure its users’ data is protected from individuals with malicious intentions. Facebook has enforced privacy by ensuring a user has a password to ensure no one else can access their account. Moreover, Facebook uses its users’ data according to terms of privacy users agree to when registering an account.

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