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What Does the Order of Likes on Instagram Mean?

What Does The Order Of Likes On Instagram Mean

Instagram has many features to make your experience as personal as possible.

If you have ever looked at your post’s likes list, you may have noticed that almost all likes are arranged somehow. It is common to see that one person is always on top of the list of people that liked your posts.

Now, how does Instagram order the likes I get on posts? This is a common question many users ask; unfortunately, Instagram has not confirmed any information regarding the issue.

Quick Answer

Many individuals have researched the topic and noticed the order of likes on Instagram is not arranged in chronological order. The order of likes means that the people on top of the list are likely the ones you engage with most. If you want to discover more factors affecting how likes are ordered, continue reading the post.

This guide has listed factors that may be affecting your likes, the importance of insights from Instagram’s order of likes, and if there is possibility stalkers are listed at the top of the likes list. Please continue reading to discover more details!

What Does the Order of Likes on Instagram Mean?

Many users have noticed the order of likes on Instagram is not arranged in chronological order. If that is not the case, how does Instagram determine who tops the list of likes?

The order of likes has been attributed to be determined by the Instagram algorithm.

But how does the Instagram algorithm work?

The Instagram algorithm tries to ensure that users have personal experiences on the platform by offering them information that they find helpful.

That is why, when ordering the likes received on a post, they are arranged in a way that Instagram thinks you will find beneficial.

Various factors affect the order of likes on Instagram, as explained here.

Factor #1: The Profiles You Follow

The people you follow affect the order of the likes on your Instagram posts. Many people have confirmed that if you get a like from a person you follow, it will be ordered before those who only follow you.

When you follow a person, you inform the Instagram algorithm that you are interested in the content that person posts.

Therefore, Instagram will rank the people you follow at the top of the likes list because they think you may be interested to see the people you know first.

Factor #2: Interactions

Interactions with people on Instagram affect how your posts’ order of likes will look.

If you have liked many posts of a given profile, that will be counted as interactions. Moreover, if the other party has also viewed and commented or liked your posts, it indicates they have interacted with you.

Therefore, your interactions with someone’s profile and their interaction with your profile determine the order of likes. That may mean you are their loyal fan, or they are your loyal fans.

Factor #3: Number of Followers of a Profile

How popular a profile is also affects the order of likes on Instagram.

Whenever someone likes your post, Instagram calculates their followers, and those with the highest number of followers are given priority in the list of likes.

Instagram will rank the users with many followers on top of the list, probably to enable you to grow your profile.

Factor #4: Instagram Tags

If a person has ever tagged you or you tagged him, Instagram will use such factors to rank your likes.

Tagging someone indicates you are close with the person, and Instagram will show you people they think you might know or are interested in.

Factor #5: Verified Profiles

If someone’s Instagram account is verified, Instagram will give them priority when they like your posts.

Getting a verified account affects many other factors, like comments and followers on Instagram.

Why is the Order of Likes on Instagram Important?

The likes order is essential because you can use the insights for various functions. The people that show on your likes are the individuals you have interacted with most, or they have interacted with your profile.

When a person interacts with your profile most, it indicates they are interested in what you post.

Therefore, if someone is on top of the list and you don’t follow him, you may need to take your time to know the individual, especially when you are using your account for business purposes.

When you wish to grow your business, you must pay attention to your audience, and Instagram’s order of likes can tell you who your audience is.

You can use the information, check your posts’ history, and learn which content people like the most.

Are Stalkers Listed on Instagram Likes?

People have been wondering if there is a possibility that stalkers get listed on top of their likes.

The factors mentioned above affect the order of the likes you get. When a person engages with your profile and content most of the time, they will affect the order of likes.

But that may not necessarily mean that person is a stalker because he may be interested in your topics and only keep in touch with what he likes.

Moreover, it might indicate that you like stalking because the people you engage with their content the most also affect the order of likes.

Therefore, chances are you are the stalker if you have constantly liked or commented on someone’s posts and viewed their profile severally.


To sum up, Instagram ensures it offers its users information of personal interest.

This has not been left out regarding the order of likes on the posts you post on the platform.

If you still don’t know what the order of likes on Instagram means, read this post to discover the various factors that affect the arrangement.

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