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Does Messenger Notify When You Unsend a Message?

Does Messenger Notify When You Unsend A Message

Facebook Messenger is an instant messenger site that allows you to converse with friends via text, voice, and video calls. With GIFs, stickers, and emojis, there is no limit to how much you can add life to your conversations.

Sometimes you may send the wrong message while chatting with your friends. So, you quickly use the unsend button to get rid of the message. However, you are worried that your recipient knows what you just did.

Don’t worry; many people are in your shoes and often ask, “Does Messenger notify others when you unsend a message.”

Quick Answer

Yes, Messenger notifies you and the recipient when you unsend a message. However, the notification for a new text they received will disappear, and they won’t see the message because it will be deleted from the chat.

Although your recipient may not know what the unsent message is all about, you must know when to unsend it and what might happen while Unsending it.

Learn more about these aspects in this guide on whether your recipient gets a notification when you unsend a message on Facebook Messenger.

How To Unsend Messages on Facebook Messenger?

One of Messenger’s remarkable features is the ability to unsend messages. This feature lets you delete messages you send by mistake or texts you don’t want your recipient to see.

For those who haven’t used the feature, here is how the Unsending feature works on Messenger:

  1. Open the Facebook Messenger app on your mobile device. Messenger Icon 1
  2. Open the chat containing the message you would like to delete.Chats On Facebook Messenger Mobile App
  3. When you see the message, long-press it until a list of options pops up.Message On Facebook Messenger Mobile App
  4. Tap the “More” button.More Button On Facebook Messenger Mobile App
  5. From the options that pop up, choose “Unsend.”Unsend On Facebook Messenger Mobile App
  6. Once you tap “Unsend,” you will see two options: “Unsend for Everyone” and “Remove for you.” Select “Unsend for Everyone.”Unsend For Everyone On Facebook Messenger Mobile App
  7. You will see a “You unsent a message” notification.You Unsent A Message On Facebook Messenger Mobile App

If you have many messages you want to Unsend, you can’t Unsend them in bulk. Instead, you have to click the messages one after the other.

Meanwhile, unsent messages may be removed from your conversation, but that doesn’t guarantee privacy should the conversation be reported.

Does Messenger Notify When You Unsend a Message?

If you unsend a message, you may worry about your recipient knowing. A couple of questions might come to your mind. “Can they see the message I unsend?” “Does Messenger notify others when I unsend a message?”

The truth is many things happen in the background when you try to unsend a message. To start with, when you unsend a message on Facebook Messenger, the receiver won’t be able to view it.

All your unsent messages are not on any archive, as Messenger removes them, so the recipient won’t see them again.

Your messages will be gone instantly, and you cant restore them. However, there will be an inscription – “You unsent a message” – in the space for the message you just deleted.

This message can be annoying because it lets the other person know you unsent a text. 

However, they won’t get the privilege to know the content of the message unless they had seen it before it was unsent.

Therefore, you must be sure that the other person hasn’t seen the message before you unsend a text message. 

Often, if you unsend a message while conversing with a friend, there is a high chance they had seen it before you unsent it.

Person Watching The Iphone Screen

That’s because they probably used the phone when the text came through. If they had seen the message before you unsent it, it wouldn’t make sense, and you may have to explain why you took such action.

Still, they may not see it if you delete it as soon as you send it. The notification of a new message they received will disappear with no traces of the message.

Furthermore, suppose your recipient opens the chat while you’re Unsending it. The chat space for that message will appear like nothing was ever sent.

That means the person you sent it to would never know what you sent them unless they saw the message or the notification before you unsent it

If your recipient had seen the message before you unsent it, there is nothing you can do. You only need to give them a reasonable excuse for removing the message.

They may probably ask you the reason. For example, you may tell them the message isn’t for them or is irrelevant to the conversation.


Unsending messages on Facebook Messenger allows you to remove texts you don’t want the recipient to view. When you unsend, you receive a notification, “You unsent a message.”

The same goes for your recipient, but they won’t see the message. 

The message would still delete if they had seen it before you unsent it. However, you can do nothing about it and the impression it passes to your recipient.

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