Does Zoom Camera Turn Off When You Open Another App?

Does Zoom Camera Turn Off When You Open Another App

Zoom is the video-conferencing platform that has gained so much success and love lately, especially during the pandemic.

The platform flourished most during the tumultuous times of the COVID-19 pandemic when all business and personal affairs were carried out on virtual platforms.

During Zoom video calls, many people worry that trying to toggle on to another app can kill their Zoom camera or pause their video.

Many people have asked this question in online discussion boards and forums. We can answer this question for you.

So, does the Zoom camera pause when you switch to another app?

Quick Answer

Well, it depends on what Zoom client you are interacting with. If you use the Zoom desktop client on Windows, the camera will not turn off even if you switch to another app. On iOS and iPad, the Zoom camera will not turn off if you switch to another app. Unfortunately, your Zoom camera will pause on an Android device if you try to open another app.

If you worry your Zoom camera will turn off if you open any other app, we can help you put your mind at ease. Keep reading to learn what happens to your Zoom broadcast if your try to open any other app on your phone or computer.

What Happens To Zoom Camera if You Switch to Another App?

Zoom classes and meetings can get exceedingly boring and tiresome. Zoom fatigue is also a reality that we cannot ignore anymore. So, during these times, a little notification pop-up or a little peak into Instagram is all we all crave. 

Do you worry your Zoom camera will turn off if you toggle through another app during the video call?

Honestly, if your camera turns off once or twice, people can consider it a coincidence, but if it constantly keeps playing this game, then people will suspect something fishy is going on.

So, let us put your mind at ease. 

Does the Zoom camera turn off when you open another app?

Yes and also no!

It depends on the kind of Zoom client you are interacting with/on your device. For instance, if you are on Zoom iOS, the situation will be different than on Android.

The following way Zoom camera reacts when you try to switch to another app during a video call on different devices.

Zoom Android

So, If you use Zoom Android, switching to another app will instantly pause your Zoom camera for others in the meeting until you return.

Zoom does not run in the background.

Zoom iOS and iPadOS

On Zoom iOS, the Zoom window will scale down to the corners of your mobile screen. If you open any other app, the mini video window will fit in at the corners without turning off your camera.

If you drag this video window to the left or right, your Zoom camera will turn off or pause until you drag it back.

Similarly, on iPad, with the Split View feature, you can open any other app with Zoom without killing the Zoom camera. 

Zoom Windows

On the Zoom desktop client on Windows, you can move freely between apps, and it will not kill your Zoom camera for even a second.

Fun Fact

The Split View feature in iPad is introduced to help users multitask. The feature lets you view two apps simultaneously by splitting your screen and resizing the app to fit the new layout.


Zoom cameras will react differently on different devices when you try to switch to other apps.

The Zoom camera will instantly pause if you are on an Android device.

On iOS, iPad, and Windows, the Zoom camera will not kill itself even if you try to switch to another app.

So, be cautious when swaying from Zoom during some critical business meeting or online class. You can be caught if you do not tread cautiously.


Does the Zoom camera stay on when you open another app?

On Android, the Zoom camera turns off when you switch between the apps. On iPhone, the video window minimizes or scales down to fit on your screen if you open another app without killing it. On iPad, the Split View feature lets you keep the Zoom window open with another app without pausing the camera.

Lastly, on Windows, you can open any app, and it will not pause your Zoom video.

Can the Zoom meeting host know when you switch to other apps?

No, they can never know if you switch to other tabs or apps unless you share your screen.

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