How To Stream Console Games on Discord

How To Stream Console Games On Discord

Discord is a gamers’ hub. Gamers rely on the Discord VoIP feature to communicate while gaming. Besides, you can stream your gaming with friends on a server for them to join in the fun.

Many people get confused about how they can stream console games on Discord. You can use numerous consoles for gaming on Discord, and we will understand more details about how to stream console games on Discord.

Quick Answer

How you stream console games on Discord depends on your gaming console. While some consoles allow you to start sharing your screen directly on Discord, some will require additional steps. Generally, you must have a Discord server where to stream and have a way to link your console with Discord if it doesn’t support direct screen sharing. For instance, connect it as a Discord integration if you use Xbox. However, using a console like PS4, you can use the screen sharing feature on Discord.

Console games are plenty, and people use various gaming consoles depending on their preferences. When enjoying a console game, we will see how you can stream it on Discord for your friends to watch you in action and follow along with your gaming session.

Can You Stream Console Games on Discord?

Yes, you can. When you enjoy your console game, the best approach is to connect the game console to your computer to make it easy to stream it on Discord.

Different gaming consoles have their unique way of working, and while some offer a straightforward way to stream the console game on Discord, some will need a few configurations. Streaming console games on your Discord server ensures everyone who joins the particular voice channel will watch the console game.

Many gamers look for ways to stream console games when they want their friends to watch them in action. It could be you are competing with friends. In that case, you can take turns streaming the console games to see who is better at it. Whatever your case is, we will see how to stream console games on Discord.

How To Stream Console Games on Discord

When streaming something on Discord, your best option is to utilize the “Go Live” feature. Here, you will share your screen such that when you are playing the game, people who join the voice channel will see the active window on your computer and manage to follow along while you play the game.

If you have a console game on your computer and your console is something like a gaming pad or a PlayStation, the steps below will help you stream the game on Discord. There are two methods you can use.

Without a Streaming Software

If you don’t have streaming software like OBS, you can use the “Go Live” feature as follows.

  1. Connect your gaming console to your computer.
  2. Prepare to start your game.
  3. Open your Discord application.
  4. Access the server where you want to stream the console game.
  5. Join the voice channel.
  6. Click the “Share Your Screen” option.
  7. Select the window you want to share.
  8. Adjust the streaming options, such as resolution.
  9. Click the “Go Live” button.
  10. Start your console game.

Anyone joining the voice channel can watch you playing the game and see everything you do on your gaming window. Once you complete playing the game, turn off the screen-sharing feature.

With a Streaming Software

Suppose you have streaming software such as OBS or Streamlabs. You can also stream console games on Discord. Follow the below steps.

  1. Connect your console to your computer.
  2. Turn on your game console and make the necessary configurations.
  3. Open your Discord application.
  4. Navigate to the server where you wish to stream Discord.
  5. Open the streaming software and get comfortable with it.
  6. Configure the streaming software and set it as your virtual camera.
  7. Set the game console as your source and the Discord server as the destination.
  8. Once everything is all set, start streaming on your streaming software.
  9. Your stream will be sent to your Discord server, where everyone can see what you are straining in the particular voice channel.

Again, the steps to follow will depend on your game console. Some new integrations support streaming with various game consoles. If you are using Xbox for your console game, you can check our detailed guide on streaming Xbox on Discord.


Depending on your game console, there are different ways of streaming console games on Discord. We’ve highlighted the general overviews of streaming a console game on Discord. Hopefully, you now understand how to stream console games on Discord.

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