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How Long Is a Temporary Block on Facebook Messenger

How Long Is A Temporary Block On Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is platform users use to connect and communicate with their friends. When using Facebook Messenger, there are various community standards that you should adhere to. Violating these standards may cause your account to get temporarily blocked, limiting your usage.

Quick Answer

Is your Facebook Messenger temporarily blocked, but you don’t know for how long? There is no specific duration for the block. However, many users have regained their account in a few days to a few weeks up to 21 days. So, if your account recently faced a temporary block, you must wait for a given time before you can regain its access and continue using it.

This guide digs deep into understanding why Facebook Messenger is temporarily blocked and how long the temporary block lasts. Still, we will see how you can stay safe to avoid getting blocked on Facebook Messenger.

Why Is Facebook Messenger Temporary Blocked?

Facebook Messenger is separated from Facebook, but you can connect with your Facebook friends and communicate more conveniently using Facebook Messenger. Like all platforms, Facebook Messenger has various guidelines that users should adhere to when using the platform. Violating the standards comes with consequences, including getting your account blocked.

There are two main reasons why you may face a temporary block when using Facebook Messenger. It could be you sent many random messages or violated the community standards of Facebook.

Violating Facebook Community Standards

Facebook articulates various community standards that each Facebook Messenger user must adhere to when using the platform. These community standards apply to any user, and when your account gets flagged for violating them, you risk getting blocked, depending on the offense’s intensity.

Facebook Community Standards

The community standards are explained below.

Violence and Criminal Behavior

Facebook is clear that if any user promotes violence or criminal activities using Facebook Messenger, their account will get blocked. Anything involving fraud, promoting crime, inciting violence, and other illegal activities will make Facebook block your account.


You will face a temporary block if you use your Messenger account to advocate for sexual solicitation, sharing sexual content, human exploitation, advocating self-injury, or harassing others.

Integrity and Authenticity

You shouldn’t use Facebook Messenger to violate intellectual property or spread misinformation. Besides, if your account gets reported or flagged for spam, it risks getting temporarily blocked.

Sending Multiple Random Messages

There is a limit to the number of messages you can send to random people. If you send too many messages on Facebook Messenger, it appears spam, and your account will get temporarily blocked to ensure you don’t spam people.

When you exceed the limit of the number of messages you should send in a day, your account can get flagged and blocked.

How Long Is a Temporary Block on Facebook Messenger

When you get your Facebook Messenger temporarily blocked, don’t panic. Facebook Messenger imposes a temporary block for a few days to a few weeks; in most cases, it can’t pass 21 days. During this period, you will notice most features on your Facebook Messenger will be limited, including sending of messages.

You can avoid such a scenario in the future by adhering to Facebook community standards and by avoiding sending many random messages daily. That way, your account will remain safe, and you will keep using it without restrictions.

Moreover, only share appropriate content and ensure you don’t share spam messages. That way, Facebook Messenger won’t have any reasons for blocking your account.


It can get frustrating when your Facebook Messenger gets blocked temporarily. If you are facing this error, you must wait a few hours to a few days for your account to be unblocked. This guide has covered all details regarding your Facebook Messenger getting blocked. Moreover, we’ve mentioned various tips to stay safe and avoid getting blocked in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a temporary block on Facebook Messenger?

A temporary Facebook Messenger block could last a few hours to a few days. However, most users manage to access their accounts within 21 days. In the worst case, it may take a maximum of 30 days to regain your account back. Once you’ve regained your account, ensure you remain safe by adhering to the community standards and limiting the messages you send to random Facebook users.

Why is my Facebook Messenger blocked?

If your Facebook Messenger is temporarily blocked, you violated Facebook’s community standards. Also, it could imply that you’ve messaged many people and exceeded the daily limit causing your account to be flagged as spam. Still, someone could have reported you on Facebook Messenger for sharing spam messages, and after investigations, your account got blocked temporarily.

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