Why Does Discord Use So Much Data?

Why Does Discord Use So Much Data

Discord is an online platform, and you can’t use it without an active internet connection. When using Discord, you may experience a case where your data gets consumed at a high rate.

When that happens, you will be curious to know how much data Discord spends and wonder why Discord uses so much data. If having such a case, this post is for you.

Quick Answer

Discord is a VoIP platform, and if you experience a case of high data consumption, it’s because you have been active in a voice channel for a long time. Voice channels, especially when in a video call, will consume more data than a text channel. Besides, your data consumption will be high when you keep sharing or viewing the shared GIFs. Moreover, link previews also consume data, and your data will be loaded in every channel you are in despite your inactive status.

This article covers Discord data usage. We will dig in on how much data Discord uses while understanding factors that cause Discord to use so much data when using it. By the end of this guide, you will know how to reduce your Discord data usage.

Why Does Discord Use So Much Data?

You can’t miss noticing applications consuming the largest percentage of your data while on a data budget. If one of these applications happens to be Discord, you must find a way of understanding why this is the case and possible ways to counteract it.

Although Discord doesn’t provide official information about how much data it consumes, we can get the data consumed through texting and a voice channel. Texting is the least consumer of data on Discord.

However, if you take time in a voice channel, especially video calling or sharing your screen with others, your data consumption rate will be higher.

Read on to learn other factors that explain why Discord uses so much data.

Screen Time

When you spend plenty of time on your screen actively engaged on Discord, you will incur more Discord data usage than someone with minimal screen time.

Thus, if you compare your Discord data usage with your friends, the consumption rate will depend on your screen time.

Server Activities

Servers with intensive activities like sharing videos, pictures, and text messages will consume more data. Some servers send thousands of files and text messages daily.

All these data will be loaded on your end and require data for that. Therefore, if you are on numerous active servers, expect a high Discord data consumption.

Bot Activities

When you are on a server with various bots, the bots’ activities also impact the data usage. For instance, data is required if you are on a server where the bot keeps executing various activities, such as moderation and banning members.

Frequency of Use

How much data Discord will use depend on your frequency of use. Your data usage will be high when you are a frequent Discord user who actively remains in a voice chat, especially gaming with a friend.

Now that we know why Discord uses so much data, let’s see how much data Discord uses and the various methods you can use to reduce this data usage.

How Much Data Does Discord Use?

The most significant data consumer on Discord is the images and GIFs. They can be as big as 5 MB. Thus, if you share 10 per hour, your data consumption adds up to 50 MB, excluding other activities like texting and voice chat.

Compressing your shared media files is the best way to reduce Discord’s data usage. Discord has a limit of 8 MB unless you have Discord Nitro. However, compressing the media files before you share them will greatly reduce the data used by your Discord.


Discord uses so much data depending on your frequency of use, server activities, bot activities, media files shared, and screen time. You can minimize this data usage by restricting your usage and compressing your media files.

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