Why Use WhatsApp Instead of Text?

Why Use Whatsapp Instead Of Text

Do you know what’s frustrating about text messaging? Even though you can send messages to anyone, even if you are in a remote area where the internet connection is an alien concept (provided there is a signal), you need to pay to be able to do that – and that can be costly!

You will be charged for each message you send, and you will be charged more if you’d rather call than text! That’s just one of the many advantages WhatsApp has over text.

Quick Answer

You need to be connected to the internet to send messages (and media files!) and see those that were sent to you on WhatsApp, but if you have an unlimited data plan, no big deal! Also, you can encrypt your messages if you are worried about privacy, and you can access your WhatsApp messages on any device. Awesome, right?

WhatsApp is an ultra-popular messaging app today, and it is one of the most popular messaging app, with over two billion monthly users.

Let’s talk about why WhatsApp is preferred over text by most people across the globe!

Why Use WhatsApp Instead of Text?

There are WhatsApp features that you can find in other messaging apps, but perhaps something that people love is that, even though Meta owns it, you are not required to link your Facebook account to it.

The thing is, even though Facebook has lots of supporters, many people are not fond of it because of privacy concerns and the content that is being posted there. They say there’s fake news everywhere, people are living fake lives, and some are faking identities to scam other people!

Messenger is also a messaging app owned by Meta, but because it must be connected to a Facebook account, many people stay away from it for those issues mentioned.

So, here are some reasons why you should use WhatsApp instead of text!

Reason #1: Sending Messages Is Free on WhatsApp

Of course, data or an internet connection is needed, and you have to pay for it. But sending one message on WhatsApp doesn’t cost 1 MB of data for each message sent. Most likely, it will cost you just a few kilobytes.

It is a different case if you will do video calls, though. Apparently, video calls consume more data. How much depends on how long the call is.

But you can connect to public WiFis or the one your company provides if you want to use WhatsApp at no cost. Just do your due diligence and make sure that the connection is safe!

Reason #2: End-to-End Encryption Makes WhatsApp More Secure

Stop if you are worried that Mark Zuckerberg might spy on you or use your data without your consent. You can choose not to connect WhatsApp to Facebook.

But more than that, you can encrypt your messages to ensure that only the right people will see them. This is one fantastic feature that you will not find in other messaging apps in today’s world!

Reason #3: You Can Use WhatsApp on Any Device Regardless of the OS

WhatsApp is available on Apple and Android devices, and it also has a desktop version and a web version that makes it easy for its users to access their messages even if their phone is in the room on the third floor or if they are not in the mood to use their phone. This is not always the case with the default text app on the phone!

There are ways to sync up your text messages to ensure that all your devices are on the same page, but this is likely possible if they are from the same brand. What if you are switching from an iPhone to a Samsung phone? There is no iMessage on Samsung!

But there is WhatsApp!

Reason #4: You Can Send Images, Audio, Videos, and Documents

You can’t send media files to anyone over text unless your and their phones allow MMS messaging. In most cases, you can only send written text messages, especially if your phone is an old model.

But even if you have the latest iPhone model, the recipient of your message may be using a Nokia 3310, so they will not be able to see even the emojis.

That is very limiting, isn’t it? This is why WhatsApp is a great app. You can send not just images, videos, and voice messages. You can also send PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and even files you think are impossible to send over to anyone via a messaging app! With this, you can ignore your emails for days!

Reason #5: You Can Create a Group Chat With 512 People on WhatsApp

Creating a group chat isn’t something that you can do only on WhatsApp. Other messaging tools have it. But up to 512 people? That’s a lot! Originally, the limit was 256 group chat members. But they decided to increase it to 512 in early 2022 because WhatsApp users requested it. It seems they really love WhatsApp over text!

Reason #6: WhatsApp Has a Feature Similar to Stories Called Status

So you want to share moments quickly with your friends but don’t want to be on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat? Here is the good news: You can share a Status with your WhatsApp friends and contacts, which works similarly to Stories. And you can share your Status on your Facebook Stories, but only if you want to!

You will see Status right away once you open WhatsApp.

Reason #7: You Can Add Stickers to Your Messages

You can text emojis to anyone, and the recipient can see if emojis work on their phone. But do you know what’s more fun than emojis? Stickers!

But stickers aren’t available in the in-built text messaging app of most phones today, so if you want to be sure that the recipient sees the stickers you send, you might as well use WhatsApp instead of text!

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