What Is the Longest Discord Call?

What Is The Longest Discord Call

Discord has become a preferred platform for group calls, hangouts, and meetings because it has no time restrictions.

At the same time, Discord fanatics have been participating in a competition to make a record for the longest Discord call ever. So what is the longest Discord call currently?

Quick Answer

The longest Discord call record is approximately 18,944 hours, held by a user named SlashedPort and his friends. SlashedPort broke the record held by SupaIsaiah016, whose Discord call lasted 5671 hours (8 months). As of this writing, the call is still ongoing.

This article gives an overview of Discord calls, brings out the longest one, and looks into it.

An Overview of Discord Calls

Before we discuss the longest Discord call ever made, it’s crucial to understand the features of Discord calls. Unlike other communication platforms like Zoom, Discord does not limit how long a Discord call should last. Provided you have a consistent internet connection and activity, you can call your friends non-stop for days, even months.

The unlimited voice call feature makes Discord one of the best options for long virtual meetings. While its privacy settings and data security raises concerns in business settings, it may be the unlikely alternative to limiting premium services like Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams.

Longest Discord Call

Away from what you can do with Discord calls, Discord fanatics have been competing with each other to create a world record for the longest Discord call. Users have recorded varying time-frames, from a few hours, days, and weeks to months.

Let’s examine the longest Discord call and who holds the title.

What Is the Longest Discord Call?

The longest Discord call record is approximately 18,944 hours (over two years long). The record is held by a user named SlashedPort, who, together with his friends, broke the record of 5671 hours held by a user called Supalsaiah016. As of this writing, the SlashedPort Discord call is still ongoing.

According to SlashedPort, they joined the challenge after seeing a two-month call by a user named Sdslayers, which encouraged them to give the Discord call a shot. However, their first attempt in 2020 was unsuccessful, but they gave it one more shot on March 17th, 2021.

More than two years later, the call is still ongoing. But how has the team kept the call going after all this while?

A Look Into the Longest Discord Call

You may wonder how users can stay on call for weeks, leave alone months. Well, first, you need a consistent internet connection to make a Discord call non-stop. This is because Discord disconnects your call if there are internet or technical problems.

At the same time, Discord automatically disconnects a call if you are alone and inactive for five minutes. So how did SlashedPort and his team ensure consistent activity to avoid disconnection?

SlashedPort confirmed on one of their YouTube videos that they use alts. Alts are short for alternative accounts, meaning duplicate accounts you create with other credentials.

For instance, if you used your official phone number and Gmail account to create your official Discord profile, you can create an alternative account with a Yahoo account and a second phone number.

Alts make it easy to alternate your Disord presence and activity, which is crucial when maintaining a consistent activity. However, unlike what many people think, SlashedPort does not use bots to manage the call.

SlashedPort also noted that the team uses BetterDiscord, an extension of Discord that allows users to customize the app. However, they only use the extension’s plugins to see the call timer.

Wrapping Up

The longest Discord call is 18,994 hours. This world record is held by a Discord user SlashedPort, who’s been on a call with his friends since March 17th, 2021. As of this writing, the Discord call is still in progress.


How long does a Discord call last?

A Discord call has no time limit. The call can last as long as you like, provided a consistent internet connection and activity exists.

Can Discord automatically end a call?

Yes, Discord can automatically end a call for various reasons. Two reasons include an unstable internet connection and inactivity for over five minutes. Also, Discord will end your call if everyone else leaves the call leaving you alone for several minutes.

How many participants are allowed in a Discord call?

Discord allows up to 100 participants in one call at one time.

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