Why Is My YouTube Screen Black?

Why Is My Youtube Screen Black

It’s annoying when you open a YouTube video only to find the screen black. What causes this, and can you fix it?

If you are struggling with the YouTube screen appearing black, there is a way you can fix this problem. Read on as this post will guide you in understanding why YouTube screen is black and how to fix it.

Quick Answer

The common causes of this problem include issues with the browser or browser extensions. Still, the black screen can occur due to issues with your internet connection or when you are signed out of your Google account. Sometimes, the issue can occur due to glitches with your computer or mobile. All these problems can be fixed to ensure you regain a normal working YouTube account.

Why is your YouTube screen black? This post focuses on explaining different reasons why a YouTube screen may appear black. We will dig in on the causes of the problem and then present various solutions that help fix this problem.

Why Is My YouTube Screen Black?

When you open YouTube, the expectation is that you get a clear view and that all videos available load as expected. However, that’s not always the case. You may get an instance where the YouTube screen appears black, and it can happen abruptly.

If the problem is not with your screen’s brightness, it could be because YouTube failed to load as expected. Well, this could occur because of different causes. The common explanations for why this happens include the following.

Browser Issues

Suppose you are accessing YouTube via the website and run into a case of a black screen. Such a case may be due to browser-related problems. Sometimes, when your browser has a corrupted cache or data, you may have a black screen.

Network Connectivity Error

YouTube is an online platform that requires an active internet connection, whether using the YouTube mobile app or the browser version.

When you don’t have an active internet connection, videos won’t load, and you will quickly end up with a black screen instead of the video playing.

Browser Extensions

There are different plugins and extensions that you can add to spice your browsing and activities. While these extensions are useful in different ways, they have the effect of affecting your YouTube experience. Some browsers can make YouTube display a black screen.

For instance, ad-blockers are known to cause the error of a black screen easily. When a browser extension goes rogue, you will feel the impact when using a platform like YouTube. Such a cause only applies if you are using YouTube on the web. If using the mobile app, this cause won’t apply.

Device Problems

Computer and phone problems are also known to affect different apps. When your computer or phone has an issue, the issue can also affect YouTube.

There could be a glitch with your device, causing YouTube to have a black screen affecting normal operation.

How Can I Fix a Black YouTube Screen?

Having seen the different causes of a YouTube black screen, let’s detail the various solutions you can use to fix the problem.

Fix Your Browser

If you are accessing YouTube on your browser, consider clearing all its cache and cookies. You can also restart the browser and then try reaccessing YouTube to see if that fixes the black screen.

Restart Your Device

Restart your phone or computer. If it has a glitch causing the black screen, restarting it will help fix the problem.

Fix Your Internet Connection

Restart your router and troubleshoot other network problems that could be causing the black screen. You can also switch between mobile data and Wi-Fi to see if that fixes the problem.

Disable Extensions

If you have browser extensions, such as ad-blockers, consider disabling or removing them when accessing YouTube. That way, the error will have been fixed if they are rogue and causing the black screen.


When you have a black YouTube screen, it affects your viewing experience. We’ve seen the different causes of why this issue can occur. Moreover, we’ve discussed various methods you can use to fix the YouTube black screen. That’s it!

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