Why Are YouTube Ads So Long?

Why Are Youtube Ads So Long

YouTube has been running ads since its launch. Advertisements are an excellent way for the platform to generate income while marketing partner products and services to their users.

Ads have also become a primary income-generating factor for YouTube creators. A while back, YouTube had a few short ads that didn’t interfere with the streaming experience.

However, users have recently noticed long ads, some without a skip option. You may be curious why you now encounter long YouTube ads when streaming on the app.

Quick Answer

YouTube ads are long because YouTube wants to generate more revenue from advertisers. It’s because income from YouTube ads depends on the users’ ads engagement, and longer unskippable ads have better engagement. Other reasons are the ad settings that the creator has enabled, higher demand for ad income, competition from other video streaming platforms, and getting more YouTube Premium subscribers.

Being curious about long YouTube ads is normal, especially if you use this app regularly. Despite user complaints, this post will highlight why YouTube has switched to longer ads.

Overview of YouTube Ads

If you’re an avid YouTube fan, you’ve likely encountered long ads that take several seconds without a skip option. Ads are an excellent way for social media platforms like YouTube to market goods and services to users. Encountering ads on YouTube is normal. However, YouTube seems to have introduced longer ads in the last few years.

YouTube’s ad system is not standard. Ads can appear at the beginning, in the middle of a video, or on your YouTube homepage. There are also different ad types, including in-feed ads, which appear in your home, video, or search results page.

Skippable in-stream ads are those appearing in between streaming a video. These ads typically last 30 seconds and have a skip option after 5 seconds. Non-Skippable in-stream ads appear in the middle of a video but don’t have a skip option. These can last between 10 and 20 seconds.

Previously unskippable in-stream ads were few and far between, but YouTube seems to have changed its algorithm and ad system to allow several unskippable ads in a single video. Unskippable ads can be annoying, especially when you encounter them frequently.

Next, we’ll discuss possible reasons why YouTube currently has long YouTube ads.

Reasons For Long YouTube Ads

There are several reasons YouTube now has longer ads than it did before. We’ll bring out some of the most important reasons.

More Ad Revenue

One of the main reasons for long YouTube ads is more revenue. Remember, ads are the most significant income earner for the platform. However, the amount you earn from a specific ad depends on the level of engagement. Most users will skip an ad after the fifth second, leaving YouTube to devise other ways to drive user ad engagement.

The solution is the introduction of longer unskippable ads at the beginning or in the middle of a video. Usually, there’s no way to bypass such ads other than waiting for them to run to the end. This long unskippable ads system guaranteed engagement and consequently more revenue from advertisers.

Higher Income Demand

YouTube is one of the top-paying video streaming platforms for creators offering 55% of net ad revenue to YouTube creators. The increase in demand for pay has led YouTube to implement strategies that ensure creators and YouTube generate enough income.

Long ads seem like a win-win situation because creators can earn sufficient income from their channels while YouTube creates maximum ad engagement to guarantee better pay from advertisers.

YouTube’s Premium Conversion Strategy

Another reason for long YouTube ads is that YouTube is hoping to push more users into subscribing to the premium version.

YouTube Premium has approximately 20 million subscribers, all enjoying an ad-free streaming experience. If you YouTube regularly, encountering several long unskippable ads could be why you subscribe to the premium version.

With more users upgrading to YouTube Premium, YouTube can still sustain its income-generating capacity through monthly plans in exchange for ad-free streaming.

So, if you want to improve your viewing experience, you can subscribe to YouTube Premium and watch your favorite videos without ads.

Competition From Other Platforms

YouTube is facing stiff competition from other video streaming platforms. Besides retaining users, YouTube has to find ways to guarantee advertisers’ engagement with ads to prevent them from switching to other platforms. Long ads have better conversion and engagement rates, so you encounter them more frequently.


It’s normal for YouTube users to be curious about long YouTube ads. You’re encountering long ads more frequently than before because of YouTube’s need for more revenue.

The platform also faces competition from other platforms and needs to retain advertisers by offering more value for money.

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