How To Upload Audio to YouTube

How To Upload Audio To Youtube

YouTube is among the leading platform where people can access different content. YouTube creators can upload files for viewers to enjoy.

While most creators focus on uploading video content, the main question is whether audio can be uploaded to YouTube. This post will help you understand everything about uploading audio to YouTube.

Quick Answer

YouTube doesn’t support uploading audio files. When you want to upload audio to YouTube, the best you can do is convert your audio to a video format and upload it to YouTube. There are numerous online converters you can use. You can use an image while the audio plays in the background if you don’t need a video. That way, you will have an audio file with no video graphics.

Can you upload an audio file to YouTube? Our focus will be to answer this question while giving details on the best action to take when you want to upload an audio file to YouTube successfully. Let’s get started!

Does YouTube Allow Uploading Audio Files?

You can create different content on YouTube, depending on your niche and goal. However, when you open the creator studio on your YouTube account, there is no option for uploading audio files. YouTube only gives room for people to upload video files.

Hence, when you have an audio file that you want to upload to YouTube, your best option is to convert the audio file to a video file. That way, you can comfortably upload the video file. If your content has no video graphics, you can use an image to cover the video with audio playing in the background.

For instance, if it’s a music file, converting it to a video involves adding a cover photo. You can leave it at that. Alternatively, you can share the audio’s captions or lyrics to display. That way, you can still share an audio file on YouTube.

The bottom line is that YouTube won’t allow you to upload an audio file as the format is unsupported. We will see the alternative option you should use.

How To Upload Audio to YouTube

There are different audio files you may want to upload to YouTube. You could have a podcast or song you want your viewers to enjoy. When you try to upload an audio file, YouTube will raise an error showing that you are trying to upload an invalid file format.

However, you can bypass this error by adding visualization to the file to convert it to an audio format. There are different converts you can use. A quick search will land you on various online audio-to-video converters.

Here are the general steps to convert and upload your audio file to YouTube.

  1. Open your computer and search for an online audio-to-video converter tool.
  2. Upload your audio file.
  3. Convert it to a video and customize it to your preference.
  4. Download the converted file.
  5. Open YouTube and sign in.
  6. Click the profile avatar at the top.
  7. Select “YouTube Studio.”
  8. Proceed to upload the file and select the converted file you downloaded.

You’ve now managed to upload an audio file on YouTube.


When you have audio that you want to upload to YouTube, you must find a way to add visualization to the audio file. An online audio-to-video converter will help with that. Once you download the converted file, you can upload it to YouTube and won’t get any errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you upload audio to YouTube?

Yes, you can. However, you can’t directly upload an audio file. You must convert it to a video format by adding visualization to it. Once you get the converted file, YouTube will allow you to upload the audio file. For instance, if it’s a podcast, you can add visualization, such as a cover page, and upload it to YouTube.

Can you Convert MP3 to video?

Yes, you can. Various online converter tools allow users to upload their MP3 file, add visualization, and convert it to video. You can then download and use the converted file for other tasks, like uploading it to YouTube.

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