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Why Is My Facebook Ad Not Delivering?

Why Is My Facebook Ad Not Delivering

Facebook has proved to be a powerful advertising tool for many brands besides helping people network. Many companies are exploiting the power of their followers on various social media platforms like Facebook and bringing ads to improve their businesses. One disappointing factor when creating your Facebook ads is that they end up not delivering sometimes. The big question is to know why the ads are not delivering and solve the issue.

Quick Answer

Facebook ads may not deliver because of various reasons. Having a low budget is one thing that can prevent your Facebook ads from delivering, especially when your budget has been completed or is limited. Another primary reason is your Facebook may be under review or be rejected by Facebook when not adhering to the advertising policy. If you want to discover more reasons why your Facebook ad is not delivering, please explore this guide more!

The guide presents what Facebook ads not delivering means, the various reasons why the Facebook ads may not be delivering, and how to deal with the issue and ensure none of your future ads fail to get delivered. Let’s get started!

What Does Facebook Ad Not Delivering Mean?

It is usual for Facebook to inform its users that their ads are not delivering. This notification can cause panic, especially for those new to Facebook ads, but the good news is that you can solve it.

When Facebook tells you your ads are not delivering, it means they have not got any impression and are likely not seen by anyone. Facebook, by default, has various tools that analyze ads on their platform and discover those that don’t deliver.

If you visit the ads manager, you can see various messages that Facebook indicates when you want your ad to be shown on Facebook.

Top Reasons Why Your Facebook Ad Is Not Delivering and Quick Fixes

There are numerous reasons why your Facebook ad is not delivering, and this guide will highlight the top reasons and how you can solve the issues.

Limited Budget

Users with numerous campaigns can set up the limit for their ads, and when the ads reach their spending limit, Facebook stops to show them. Setting up a spending limit when running campaigns is good, but having a limited budget indicates your ads will not be shown for long.

If you still want your ad to be delivered to the audience, you can edit the budget you allocated to it. You can increase the limit or remove it depending on how you wish.

End Date Has Passed

When setting up ads, Facebook allows users to input the end date and time when the ads will finish running. If the end set date has passed, then the ad will no longer be delivered because it is like it has reached the expiry period.

To deal with this issue, select the ad not being delivered and edit the end date. Choose a new desired date if you want to extend the period through which the ad will be shown.

Facebook Has Rejected Your Ad

Sometimes, Facebook rejects some ads. When Facebook rejects your ad, it indicates to you by sending an error email if you enabled Facebook notifications. In most cases, an ad is rejected because it does not meet the advertising policy.

When you realize your ad has been rejected, you can navigate to the rejected ad and go to the account quality. Facebook will list all the things that triggered your ad to be rejected, and you can edit it to comply with the policy or ask for a manual review if you feel there is no issue with the advertising policy.

Your Ad is Under Review

When ads are under review, they will not be delivered until the review process is over. Typically Facebook indicates the ads are reviewed within 24 hours, but they can take up to 48hours.

You can check the status in the Ad Manager if you don’t know whether your ad is under review. The only way to solve this issue is to be patient and wait for Facebook to review your ad before it is delivered.

Your Ad is in Learning Phase

Before ads are delivered, they need to pass the learning phase. In the learning phase, Facebook analyzes the ad to optimize it and see the best audience for the ad. The add to exit the phase must have triggered 50 optimization events. Thus, when you see your ads getting a low delivery, it is good to check if they are still in the learning phase.

If you wish to exit the learning phase, it is good to consider your target audience. And strategize how you can reach your optimization goal. You can change the goal to an easier one that can be reached easily and try other options like using link clicks instead of adding to the cart.

The Targeted Audience is Narrow

If your ad targets a narrow audience, it may result in fewer people. Moreover, when you include too many targeting criteria, your audience may be narrowed down dramatically, affecting the delivery of the ads.

You need to adjust the targeting criteria you include to avoid narrowing your crowd. Moreover, you can use the Reach Campaign Objective to target your audience.


Facebook ads are great when you know what you want. But if you are new to the industry, you may panic when you notice your ads are not delivered as you hoped. Facebook is one of the social media platforms with the most active users, ad every business hopes to reach its audience via such a platform.

If you notice your ads are not being delivered as you wish, don’t worry because this guide has explained the top reasons why your ads are not delivered and how to solve the issue.

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