Why Is My Discord Font Weird?

Why Is My Discord Font Weird

It can get annoying as a regular Discord user when you suddenly notice Discord font looking weird. If this happens for the first time, you will get confused and think you’ve messed with your Discord account or application, but that’s not the case.

Discord has a uniform font for all its applications. So, if your Discord font looks weird, something is causing this, and we will understand more about it.

Quick Answer

When your Discord font looks weird, you will face blurry text on Discord. The blurry text occurs due to issues with hardware acceleration and the anti-aliasing effect for people using Windows 10 running on NVIDIA graphic processor. Other causes include technical glitches, an error with visual settings on your Windows, etc. We will discuss each of these causes in detail.

If your Discord font is weird, don’t panic. This article discusses the problem to help you understand what causes blurry text and how you can fix the problem. Stick around for more!

Can You Change Discord Font?

Discord is clear on what you can customize. Unfortunately, changing the font is impossible when using the official Discord. However, you can achieve that using BetterDiscord.

Discord focuses on achieving uniformity, and that’s possible by not allowing its users to customize the font. So, if you notice your Discord font doesn’t look as you are used to, something is causing this blurry text.

Many users face the fuzzy text on Discord, and when you have no idea what is causing this pixelated text, troubleshooting the problem becomes a challenge.

Why Is My Discord Font Weird?

Discord has a uniform font. So, if you notice your font looks weird, it means an issue is causing this problem. Many users facing issues with the weird Discord font use Windows to access the Discord desktop application.

As we will see in this post, Windows has different factors that bring about weird text. We will understand some of these factors and how you can fix them.

An Issue With Hardware Acceleration

Discord has a hardware acceleration feature that you can enable when you want to enhance Discord’s performance. Discord will utilize more GPU when enabled, and hardware acceleration won’t be a problem when you have a powerful system.

However, when your hardware can’t handle hardware acceleration, you will encounter issues with Discord, including a weird font. Suppose you’ve enabled hardware acceleration, disable it with the steps below.

  1. Open your Discord application.
  2. Access the “User Settings” page by clicking the cog wheel icon at the bottom.
  3. Locate the “Advanced” tab and click on it.
  4. Toggle off the “Hardware Acceleration” option.

Hopefully, when you restart your Discord, your font will have regained its normal appearance, and you won’t have blurry texts again.

Improper Visual Settings

When you have improper visual settings, they may cause the Discord weird font. You can fix this by changing the visual settings for your Windows.

  1. Click the Windows Start Menu button.
  2. Search for “View Advanced System Settings” and open it.
  3. In the “Advanced” tab, locate the “Performance” section and click “Settings.”
  4. Locate the option for “Smooth Edges of Screen Fonts.”
  5. If it’s ticked, untick it. If it’s unticked, tick it.
  6. Save your changes and open your Discord to check if the weird font has been foxed.


When using the NVIDIA graphic processor, you may face issues with weird Discord font. You should change the graphic card settings and turn off anti-aliasing. Once you turn it off, re-open your Discord.

A Discord Glitch

When Discord is experiencing a technical glitch, you may notice things like the font causing blurry text. This weird font can be fixed by restarting Discord.

You can consider logging out and then restarting your Discord. Still, you can access Discord from another device to check if the error persists.

Discord Server Outage

Some users have faced the weird Discord font when Discord servers have an issue. You can check the Discord status from the status website. If there is a reported Discord issue, wait for it to be fixed for normal operation to resume.


Discord weird font mainly occurs due to hardware acceleration, anti-aliasing, technical glitches, and Discord server issues. We’ve covered all the causes in detail; you can resolve the problem with that.

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