How To Get #0001 on Discord

How To Get 0001 On Discord

When you want to find someone on Discord, you use their Discord tag to search for them before you add them as your friend. You’ve probably seen one of your Discord friends having the #0001 tag and are curious to know how they got the tag.

When you join Discord, you get assigned a random Discord tag, but can you get the #0001 tag instead?

Quick Answer

Discord reserves the #0001 to specific users. It’s practically impossible to get assigned the #0001 on Discord, especially when you create a Discord account. However, you can get this tag by subscribing to Discord Nitro. With Nitro, you can edit your tag and replace it with username#0001 instead of the random number assigned to you on Discord. Without Nitro, you can enjoy this benefit.

This post covers what Discord Nitro is and the benefits you get from it. Still, we will discuss how you can get 0001 on Discord and all details about Discord tags.

What is Discord Nitro?

Discord is a free messaging platform with multiple features to facilitate text and voice communication. When you create your Discord account, you use the basic plan provided by Discord. However, there is room to access more features while using Discord.

As a way of creating revenue, Discord offers two Nitro subscription plans.

With Nitro, you will enjoy all the features available on Discord. However, you must keep renewing your Nitro subscription plan to enjoy the added advantages. Otherwise, you will switch back to the basic features.

Some of the benefits you get when you have Nitro include the following.

  1. Enhanced video and voice quality, HD video streaming.
  2. Server boosts.
  3. You can use custom emojis across different servers.
  4. Custom Discord tag.
  5. Animated Discord profile.
  6. Custom stickers
  7. You can join over 100 servers.
  8. Higher file upload size.

When using the basic Discord plan, these features are inaccessible to you, which is the default option every new Discord user gets.

How To Get #0001 on Discord

What’s your Discord tag?

I bet it is a random number with no special meaning. Well, you are not alone. When registering for a Discord account, you are asked to add your username; and to make sure there aren’t any users with the exact same username Discord then adds four random digits between #0001 to #9999.

The available range of Discord tags can’t accommodate the millions of Discord users, and that’s why you must have a unique username, such that combining your username and the tag number creates a unique Discord tag. How, then, can you get the #0001 tag on Discord?

The Discord tag assigned to you when you created your account remains, and you can’t change it. However, if you acquire a Discord Nitro subscription plan, you can choose any tag, including #0001 and a unique username.

This custom Discord tag will remain associated with your Discord account as long as you keep your subscription active.

Here’s how you can get the #0001 on Discord when you have the Nitro subscription.

  1. Open your Discord application and sign in to your account. Open Discord Pc Application
  2. Access the “User Settings” page by clicking the gear icon at the bottom. Navigate To User Settings Discord
  3. Click the “Edit User Profile” button next to your Discord profile. Click On The Edit User Profile Button
  4. Change your Discord tag to use 0001. Change Your Discord Tag
  5. Enter your password and click the “Save Changes” button. Click The Save Changes Button

You now have the Discord 0001 Discord tag that you can enjoy, thanks to the Nitro subscription.

When you fail to pay for the subscription, you will get assigned a random Discord tag that won’t be #0001. Discord will notify you whenever your Nitro subscription nears the end. That way, you have no reason for missing to keep the subscription active unless you no longer wish to enjoy the Nitro benefits.


Discord Nitro is a paid subscription feature on Discord that gives people access to added features, such as room to create custom tags.

So, if you want to get Discord #0001, start by subscribing to Discord Nitro, then use the steps presented in this post to edit your Discord tag to #0001.

Remember, your custom tag will remain provided your Nitro subscription is active.

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